Gymnastics-/Medicine Balls

Medicine ball (leather)
(tax incl.)
Made of carefully hand-stitched cowhide with excellent filling and quality. Inside there is a hair filling for stability and shape. The BENZ medicine ball is an ideal training tool in therapy, school and mass sports.
Redondo Ball Touch
(tax incl.)
The Redondo-Ball Touch is a stability ball with soft nubs. It is absolutely versatile and suitable for different fitness exercises
BENZ Shiny Weichschaum-Metallicball-Set
(tax incl.)
Das BENZ Weichschaum Metallicball Set für Gymnastik. 15 glitzernde Weichschaumbälle mit einem Ø 152 mm. 1 x BENZ Ballsack zur Aufbewahrung der Bälle. Nutzen SIe den Preisvorteil gegenüber Einzelkauf.