MAGPAD sphere magnet drawing board

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The MAGPAD ball magnet drawing board is an exciting magnetic game to pass the time. The black board contains small iron balls that appear on the surface as if by magic when the pen with magnetic tip is moved across the board for this purpose. Details: Available in two sizes: S / M Board & magnetic pen With 10 motif cards Develops visual perception, fine motor skills and creativity

Diabolo Galaxy

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Very good running characteristics. Well suited for beginners and recreational players. Material: EVA. Ø 120 mm, height 135 mm, g Weight 200th Color on the stock.


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ANIMAL POPPER softball gun, animal-shaped guns, soft balls are shot by pumping. The packaging contains 6 colourful soft balls.

SCHILDKRÖT Jungle Timer, Ninja Timer with buzzer

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Jungle Timer The Jungle Timer is a device for measuring and displaying time with an acoustic signal generator. The timekeeping device is intended for private use and is not suitable for commercial applications. It is excellent for timing completed climbing courses or for many other sports and games where time plays a crucial role. Pressing the buzzer produces a signal tone, and the time is stopped. Specifications: Dimensions (W x H x D): 115 x 115 x 120 mm 3x AA batteries (1.5V) (not included!) Signal generator not designed for continuous tones Not waterproof - protect from moisture! Application: School sports Leisure

Profi Soccer-Table Deluxe

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The table soccer Pro Soccer Deluxe is an affordable tournament-style kicker with a classy wood decor and chrome accents. The approximately 15mm thick playing surface is equipped with seamlessly raised tournament-grade playfield covers. The Deluxe kicker features chrome-plated 16mm solid steel rods that are smoothly guided in high-quality, low-wear ball bearings. Spezifikationen: Aufstellmaße: 140 × 75 (129) × 88 cm (Griffhöhe 84 cm) Spielfläche: 120 × 70 cm Gewicht: ca. 85 kg Verpackungsmaße: 150 × 80 × 34 cm Einsatzbereich: Schulen Vereine Öffentliche Einrichtungen Heimgebrauch

BENZ snow slide

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BENZ snow slide; blue dimensions: 56.5 * 38 cm, weight 220 g. Slipping fun for young and old. The snow slide ensures lots of fun and exercise in the snow. Thanks to the wide seat, the children have enough space to sit even in their thickest snowsuit. The large handle, which children can easily grip with both hands, ensures a secure hold.

BENZ SoftDisc flying disc

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Discover the BENZ SoftDisc - the perfect throwing disc for children in vibrant neon colors! With its innovative elephant skin coating, it sets new standards in terms of safety and fun. The soft texture minimizes the risk of injury and accidents, while the diameter of 21.5 cm and the weight of approx. 100 grams guarantee optimal handling. The elephant skin coating not only ensures a pleasant feel, but also robust durability. The BENZ SoftDisc is not only suitable for outdoor fun, but can also be used safely in the sports hall. Give your children safe and entertaining fun - the SoftDisc impresses in every respect! Specifications: Material: soft foam Surface: Sealed with innovative structure Weight: 95g Diameter: 21.5 cm Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure


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The principle of the WHAM-O FRISBEE POCKET is as fascinating as it is comfortable. An amazingly stable flight curve ensures pure action and fun in the park or on the beach. The centrifugal force enables a high and even speed. The disc can also be folded, making it easy to carry in any bag. The nylon disc weighs 80 grams and is suitable for children aged five and over. Sustainable packaging with header card. Ø 16 cm, colour according to stock.


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The principle of the WHAM-O FRISBEE POCKET, Ø 20 cm is as fascinating as it is comfortable. An amazingly stable flight curve ensures pure action and fun in the park or on the beach. The centrifugal force enables a high and even speed. The disc can also be folded, making it easy to carry in any bag. The nylon disc weighs 80 grams and is suitable for children aged five and over. Sustainable packaging with header card.

BOUNCING PIPER throwing game

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Fast, whistling, and bouncy. That's the BOUNCING PIPER from sunflex. Thanks to its soft foam, it bounces on the water surface as well as on land. For additional fun, the BOUNCING PIPER can also be played with rackets. It flies up to 20 meters and produces a whistling sound. Packaged in a cardboard box. Specifications: Soft foam Flight range up to 20 m Bounces on both ground and water Usage: Leisure

XXL foam throwing ring

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Discover the fun without the risk of injury with our Foam Throw Ring XXL in attractive colors! This soft foam ring is perfect for throwing and catching games in the gymnasium and on the schoolyard. Whether during recess or in physical education – this throw ring brings action and promotes the motor skills of children. The oversize of the ring makes the game even more interesting. Our Foam Throw Ring XXL is particularly safe due to the soft foam. Children have a lot of fun while staying injury-free. Get your Foam Throw Ring XXL now – the ideal toy for safe fun in the gymnasium and on the schoolyard! Action, joy, and movement guaranteed. Specifications: Material: Foam Ø 25.4 cm Weight: 142 g Application Area: School sports Leisure

Tin can toss game

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The can toss game consists of 10 metal cans (6.5 x 10cm) with various colorful smiley designs that bring a smile to children's faces. Players take turns throwing and have 3 attempts to knock down the cans. The throws are made with 3 red fabric bags filled with granules. These bags reduce the risk of injury and minimize damage to the interior compared to the balls typically used. Specifications: 10 metal cans, front with smileys, back with numbers Can dimensions: 6.5 x 10 cm Fabric bags with granule filling: 7 x 11 cm Area of application: From 3 years old Kindergarten School Leisure

Boomerang Zebra 3 - Right

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The Zebra 3 is an affordable entry-level boomerang made of polypropylene. Its short flight and return in a helicopter-like pattern make it a super easy boomerang for beginners, especially in minimal wind conditions. It can also be practiced in indoor sports halls. Specifications: For right-handed throwers Diameter: 26 cm Flight range: approximately 15 m Material: Polypropylene Weight: 40 g Age: From 7 years and up Includes throwing instructions Usage: Leisure Indoor Outdoor

Motoric skill balls, Set of 6

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The motoric skill ballset of 6 is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting fun and sensory experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Vikings Game of foam rubber

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In the Rubbabu Viking throwing game "Finnish Skittles", the 12 numbered skittles have to be knocked over with a throwing stick. Details: Contents: 12 cones, 1 throwing stick and 1 carry bag Height of the cones 11.5 cm, Ø 5 cm Made of 100% natural rubber Fluffy and soft in bright colours Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

MayaFlya Sport Frisbee

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Von Frauen in Guatemala unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen von Hand gehäkelt. Die farbenfrohen MayaFlya Frisbees sind handgefertigt und robust genug für das Spiel in jeder Umgebung. Die Wurfscheiben sind handwaschbar und müssen anschließend an der Luft getrocknet werden. Diese Frisbees sind vielseitig einsetzbar und dichter verarbeitet für einen besseren Auftrieb, insbesondere bei Wind. Verschiedene Farben und Muster. Spezifikationen: 100% Baumwolle Ø 18,5 cm Gewicht ca. 82 g Einsatzbereich: Freizeit

MayaFlya Indoor Frisbee

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Handcrafted by women in Guatemala under fair working conditions. These colorful, handmade MayaFlya Frisbees are sturdy and specially designed for indoor use. They are hand washable and must be air-dried afterward. The indoor Frisbees are excellent for young athletes. Available in various colors and patterns. Specifications: 100% cotton Diameter: 17.5 cm Weight: approximately 38 g Area of application: Leisure Indoor

Sensory sequin board

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This tactile sensory board is an effective way to foster creativity and stimulate the senses through sight and touch. The two-color sequins are appealing and striking. Run your hand over the sequins to draw patterns or simply to feel the scaly texture as they flip. The boards can be placed on a table or hung on the wall. Specifications: PET sequins 100% polyester fabric backing Wooden frame Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm Applications: School Therapy Leisure

Plastic folding ball

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This fascinating folding ball magically expands from 13 to 30 cm. Physiotherapists and yoga instructors agree: this ball is excellent for illustrating breathing exercises. As you inhale, the ball expands; as you exhale, it collapses inward... This helps your students learn to slow down their breathing, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Of course, you can also use the ball for other activities: from rolling to shaping geometric figures to free creative play – this toy is fun for both young and old. Specifications: Material: ABS and PP Weight: 180 g Diameter: 13 to 30 cm Feature 4 Area of application: Leisure Therapy

Pickleball set with 2 paddles and 1 ball in a trendy design

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Pickleball set with 2 paddles and 1 ball in a trendy design. This water-resistant set is perfect for sports and leisure. The plastic ball in vibrant green adds a unique touch to the game. Pickleball combines the best elements of tennis, table tennis, and badminton and can even be played without a net. The set includes 2 high-quality paddles and 1 ball, providing everything you need for hours of fun.

Neoprene skittles set

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The neoprene skittle set in a new design is a fun introduction to skittles. The lightweight skittles (21.5 x 8 cm) are encased in non-slip neoprene and have a sufficiently large base and are stable. The hollow plastic core is an ideal compromise in terms of weight. If the skittles are too light, they won't stay upright; if they're too heavy, it's not for the kids! The set contains 6 cones in 3 different colours. Also included is a ball - also made of plastic and covered in neoprene.

Speed/Bounce Ball bat

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The Speed/Bounce Ball bat is a top-notch product for demanding ball players. With its durable elephant skin PU coating and optimal weight distribution, it offers an excellent balance between power and control. Whether it's rebound or hitting ball games, this bat will take your gameplay to new heights. Specifications: Color: Yellow/Blue Bat length: 48/79 cm Length of hitting surface: 30/30.5 cm Diameter of hitting surface: 11/11 cm Areas of Use: Indoor School Club Age group: Children, teenagers & adults