Build N'Balance® Tilt Disc
Build N'Balance® Tilt Disc

Build N'Balance® Tilt Disc

Challenging and exciting balancing system: the elements can be combined in a variety of ways, so that there are no limits to the imagination when building the balancing tracks and landscapes. When using the tilting disc in conjunction with the Top 10 and Top 24 pylons, the children's sense of balance and coordination is challenged. Load capacity 100 kg, ages 2-10.

  • Dimensions (Ø x H): 22 x 15 cm.
  • Suitable for children from 3 years
  • Tilting disc can only be used in combination with Top 10 or Top 24
  • Can be combined with many Build N'Balance® elements
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The Build N'Balance® balancing system offers the perfect prerequisite for exciting and varied balance courses. With the tilting disc, a Top 10 or Top 24 pylon can be converted into a balance trainer. The disc consists of two plastic parts that are connected by a strong, movable rubber element. The disc can be tilted by shifting the body weight. The tilting disc can easily be integrated into the Build N'Balance® balancing system or added to an existing parkour. With the Build N'Balance® balancing system, children can try out new combinations with each set-up and let their imagination run wild. Ideal for kindergartens, daycare centres and schools as well as for therapeutic use.
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