Puzzle Mat 3D Straight Edge Plate
Puzzle Mat 3D Straight Edge Plate

Puzzle Mat 3D Straight edge plate

The Puzzle Mat 3D fall protection panels with predefined joint spacing and drainage do not require any plug-in connections. A plane and homogeneous floor surface is created with matching edges and corner tiles.

  • Straight edge plate
  • Dimensions: 55 x 25 cm
  • Material: rubber
  • Puzzle shaped edges
  • Available in grey, green, red and black
  • 3 thicknesses for different drop heights

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The Puzzle Mat 3D offers a new approach to the installation of fall protection slabs. The bevelled corner panel of the Puzzle Mat 3D fall protection panel system, in conjunction with the matching edge panels, serve as a finishing strip for the application surface. Due to the puzzle elements, the slabs can be easily plugged together and have a predefined joint spacing. Thanks to the integrated serration on the connecting elements, the panels can be joined together both horizontally and vertically. This prevents the mats from slipping afterwards. Additional plug-in connections are no longer required with the Puzzle Mat 3D fall protection panels. In case of depressions and unevenness of the application surface, the panels adapt to the subsoil and do not warp. The Puzzle Mat 3D has integrated water drainage and is therefore permeable to water. The rubber material used makes the tiles extremely durable and robust.
Which panel thickness do I need for which drop height?
  • 4.5 cm thickness for a drop height of up to 160 cm
  • 6 cm thickness for a drop height of up to 210 cm
  • 8 cm thickness for a drop height of up to 280 cm

You can find more details on how to install Puzzle Mat 3D in our instructions.

Instructions: Verlegeanleitung_BENZ.pdf

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