Unicycle Onlyone 16"
Unicycle Onlyone 16"

Unicycle Onlyone 16"

The Onlyone unicycle is the perfect beginner's bike. With its 16 inches and a minimum step length of approx. 55 cm, it is designed for children but is also suitable for beginners.

  • 16" tyre with aluminium rim (28 spokes)
  • Non-slip plastic pedals
  • Unicrow fork and ribbed seat post (twist-proof)
  • Soft, interchangeable saddle with quick release
  • Minimum crotch length approx. 55 cm
  • Load capacity up to 60 kg
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The 16" unicycle Onlyone is the ideal bike for children and beginners. With its solid equipment and the practical height adjustment for the saddle, the first riding attempts are easy to implement. Unicycles with a square axle, such as the Onlyone Unicycle Luxury, are suitable for children and beginners up to approx. 60 kg.

What size can I ride?
The choice of the right unicycle size is not necessarily determined by age and body size. Although unicycles between 12" and 18" are designed for (growing) children, there are advanced and professional riders who enjoy riding smaller unicycles. However, as soon as you can ride a 20″, the question of size is more a question of personal range of use. A 20″ is great for hockey, freestyle, sometimes also for basketball or "normal" unicycling. Beyond that, the longer the distance ridden, the larger the wheel diameter should be.
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