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Medicine ball
(tax incl.)
Medicine ball made of rubber, 3 kg, very handy, jumping medicine ball made of rubber with hygienically washable surface structure, Including needle valve for setting the bounce.
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The great ball Hüpfspiel with the disc, very durable. The Moonhopper promotes and trained sense of balance, stamina and bounce. In the bag, packed with instructions for use. Resilient kg to 70 wt.
Magnesia block
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Magnesia or Chalk is used by devices gymnasts, strength athletes and climbers. It is a natural product and is delivered in pressed block form to reduce dust generation during use. The product for excellent moisture absorption.
Hand whistle Wizzball
(tax incl.)
The patented world first, integrated in a soft PVC balloon whistle. The whistling sound produced by pressing on the balloon. No more risk of infection by transmitted bacteria. Delivery by color.
Exercise mat ProfiGymMat
(tax incl.)
Rigid exercise mat with optimized damping properties. The closed cell structure is super hygienic and tear resistant. This non-slip and flat lying sheets provide antibacterial protection, are dirt and moisture repellent, guaranteed free of PVC and phthalate free according to EU standard.
Gymnastics Gymnastics Bar
(tax incl.)
Made of solid wood. The turn bar complements the physical education, the seniors at gymnastics posture work, Agility and skill training. A very good tool for stretching and coordination exercises.
Rubberflex grave ball, set of 6, Ø 10 cm
(tax incl.)
These balls can cast because of their unique structure in different ways, rolled and caught. They are dimensionally stable, soft, flexible and infinitely durable, making it ideal for children of all ages. 6-piece set, yellow, red, blue, purple, green and orange.
Vaulting box (small) 1 part
(tax incl.)
The absolute original - the one-piece small vaulting box. Proven over the years for a variety of exercises and games and established in different sports as a training aid - the small jump boxes of Benz®. 50 length 70 cm, width cm, height 40 cm! Made in Germany
(tax incl.)
Small but effective, training device for stretching and strengthening of all muscle groups.
Juggling scarf
(tax incl.)
For active games, juggling, rhythm and dance. By the very low weight the sheets slide towards the floor almost weightless, gentle and slow when they are thrown into the air. Material 100% polyamide, assorted colors. 72 x 72 cm piece.
(tax incl.)
of impact resistant plastic, weather resistant, stackable. Versatile as a training tool in many sports.
Team tapes with velcro
(tax incl.)
Sashes, party band, Team tape. From 5 cm wide PE webbing. Adjustable in length by a velcro - rapidly reassigned and adaptable to the body.
Soft foam ball Softy
(tax incl.)
With extremely durable PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance. Surface washable, can be disinfected, hygienic.
(tax incl.)
Ideal to promote movement, coordination and perception in gymnastics, therapy and rehabilitation. Made of sturdy, durable cotton material manufactured and filled with hygienic plastic granulate.
double clapper
(tax incl.)
The dual bobbin consists of a bamboo stick, about 40 cm long with 2 balls (diameter 5.0 or 6.5 cm). It is light, good rebound, handy for balance, finger and foot exercises, rhythmic gymnastics and partner exercises. It is used for senior gymnastics, therapy, play and dance.
(tax incl.)
Of special waterproof PE material, length 160 cm, Ø 7 cm. Wide range of applications for swimming lessons, water aerobics, aqua fitness, rehabilitation, therapy, senior / disabled sports and games and fun for everyone. can also be used in conjunction with the Aqua raft. Color on the stock.
Gymnastics Jump Rope 2.8 m
(tax incl.)
reinforced in the center woven from PP-Multigarn knotted ends. Outside about 8 mm thick, reinforced in the middle mm at the 13th Length 2.8 m.
needle valve
(tax incl.)
Needle valve reinforced construction, chrome plated brass, nozzle diameter 2 mm, length: 48 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.
Medicine ball (core cowhide)
(tax incl.)
Top product from 1A hand-stitched, stretched wet core cowhide. Inside is sicheine hair filling that gives the stability ball and shape. The original Benz medicine ball is an ideal training tool in therapy, school and mass sports.
Volleyball, School Light
(tax incl.)
Perfect as exercise and training ball for children and adolescents. Newly developed, very soft, blue-white TPE surface material
Soft foam ball round
(tax incl.)
With extremely durable PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance. Surface washable, can be disinfected, hygienic.
marking vest
(tax incl.)
Marking vest to distinguish between teams / crews. Red available in two sizes and colors, blue, green and yellow. Perfect for all team sports. available in sizes XL, M and S, please choose.