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Aerobic Step

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A small platform has taken the fitness world! You step to the beat of funky music, increase the rhythm, increase the pace without being breathless. Dimensions: (L x B x H) 65.5 x 40.5 x 13.5 and 18 cm (height adjustable by blocks).

Aqua Feet large, 23cm high.

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Aqua Feet large, 23cm high. Leg floats made of soft polyethylene foam with high comfort. Optimal adaption with well-fitting comparison circuit bands. Good boost for water jogging and aqua fitness. Different colors.

Aqua Stop earplugs

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Aqua Stop earplugs deformable silicone earplugs. Superior fit antialler- gical, medical silicone. Absolutely tight, no unpleasant pressure more in the ears. 2 pairs.

Basketball Mikasa BR

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Basketball BR from MIKASA is a durable and inexpensive basketball for training and recreation. The surface is made of a special rubber cover with pimple construction and has a nice grip. The BR is characterized by continuously good playing characteristics. Shape, internal pressure and bounce are consistently good thanks to robust nylon carcass. Size 6: (official women's size and ideal for teenagers up to 15 years)) Circumference: 72 - 76 cm Weight: 510 - 560 g Größe 5: (ideal for children and teenagers up to 12 years) Circumference: 69 - 71 cm Weight: 470 - 500 g

BENZ Handball Premium Schüler

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Top-Wettspielball aus 100% PU-Material mit einer speziellen Oberflächen-Laminierung für einen phantastischen Grip. Sehr weicher, angenehmer Ballkontakt durch eine zusätzliche Schaumkaschierung. Gefertigt nach den Vorgaben der IHF. Größe 1. ABVERKAUF!

BENZ medicine ball (rubber) with handles

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Rubber medicine balls with handles increase the utility value and can be used both as a medicine ball and as a dumbbell. The handles make it easier to hold the balls and support flexibility and mobility during fitness training. The bouncing balls have a grippy textured surface and are equipped with needle valves. SALE!

BENZ snow slide

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BENZ snow slide; blue dimensions: 56.5 * 38 cm, weight 220 g. Slipping fun for young and old. The snow slide ensures lots of fun and exercise in the snow. Thanks to the wide seat, the children have enough space to sit even in their thickest snowsuit. The large handle, which children can easily grip with both hands, ensures a secure hold.

Bisi Badminton Schläger

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Bisi Schulkonzept (B=Badminton I=Into S=Schools I=Initiative). Grundidee des BISI-Konzeptes ist es Anfängern die optimale Schlagtechnik zu lehren. Dafür wurde eine spezielle Bisi-Schläger-Serie entwickelt um dieser Anforderung gerecht zu werden. Alle Bisi-Schläger sind mit neuartigen Lerngriffen ausgestattet - eine fehlerhafte Schlägerhaltung wird dadurch unmöglich.Lawntex-Saite, Länge 680 mm, ca. 105 g. ABVERKAUF!

Coordination ladder, double, 9 m

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Versatile training aid made of weatherproof plastic. 20 sliding rungs 47 cm wide, 9 m long. Can be rolled out and rolled up quickly for running and sprinting exercises. Several conductors can be clipped together using connecting clips at the end. Supplied with carry bag. SALE!

Diabolo Galaxy

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Very good running characteristics. Well suited for beginners and recreational players. Material: EVA. Ø 120 mm, height 135 mm, g Weight 200th Color on the stock.

Fascia trainer MAROLA

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Marola XL length 60cm This dimensionally stable and robust massage roller was specially designed to release tension and adhesions in the connective tissue and to massage trigger points in a targeted manner. The structure of this roller, which consists of rounded elevations and pleasant depressions, ensures an effective self-massage.

Gym-Mat Body 140 x 60 x 1,5cm

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A gym mat is part of the basic equipment for gymnastic exercises, fitness training and yoga.Details: 1,5 cm thick Available colours: black For use in the studio and at home Excellent cushioning properties Flat and non-slipSALE! While stocks last!

Handball BENZ PREMIUM size. 2

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Top competition ball made from 100% PU material with a special surface lamination for a fantastic grip. Very soft, pleasant ball contact thanks to an additional foam lamination. Manufactured according to the specifications of the IHF. REMAINING STOCK SALE!

Handball Future

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For training and competition. Made of soft synthetic leather with an additional soft substructure for soft ball contact. Good bounce and flight characteristics and a very grippy surface features of the ball

Handball, premium

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Top competition ball made of 100% PU material with a special surface lamination for a fantastic grip. Very soft, comfortable ball contact thanks to an additional foam lamination. Manufactured according to the specifications of the IHF.