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The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND can be used to train small muscle chains in particular, resulting in improved body statics and a reduced risk of injury. The natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textiles offers all the benefits of a flexible training device without any unpleasant pulling on the skin, making training more fun. The colours indicate different levels of stretch and resistance.

NeoFlitzer disc

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The NeoFlitzer throwing disc convinces with its fantastic flight characteristics. It is made of neoprene and can be used indoors, outdoors, in the water, simply everywhere. Easy to throw and catch. SALE! Specifications: Ø approx. 21 cm Soft neoprene - no risk of injury Surface washable Ideally suited for all agesMade in GermanyColour according to stock ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age!

MIKASA volleyball V360W-L

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MIKASA V360W-SL The MIKASA V360W-SL is a weight-reduced children's ball with an extra soft PU Soft surface. The soft surface texture makes the ball very pleasant during ball contact and ensures excellent handling. It meets the quality criteria set by the FIVB. Specifications: Size 5 Circumference 65-67 cm / Weight 200-220 g FIVB Official Supplier Quality Top practice and training volleyball for children and teenagers 18-panel construction Panels stitched Weight reduced PU Soft surface material for excellent handling Particularly pleasant during ball contact Application: Recommended age: 6 - 12 years School sports Club sports

SCHILDKRÖT Jungle Timer, Ninja Timer with buzzer

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Jungle Timer The Jungle Timer is a device for measuring and displaying time with an acoustic signal generator. The timekeeping device is intended for private use and is not suitable for commercial applications. It is excellent for timing completed climbing courses or for many other sports and games where time plays a crucial role. Pressing the buzzer produces a signal tone, and the time is stopped. Specifications: Dimensions (W x H x D): 115 x 115 x 120 mm 3x AA batteries (1.5V) (not included!) Signal generator not designed for continuous tones Not waterproof - protect from moisture! Application: School sports Leisure


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SELECT HB-ULTIMATE REPLICA EHF EURO MEN V24 Official Replica Handball of the Men's European Championship 2024. EHF-approved. Specifications: Training ball Sizes 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 HPU 1000 with SELECT logo embossed print Hand-stitched Soft ball touch with 3 mm lamination Good grip with or without resin Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex EHF-Approved Application: School sports Club sports


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Official Match Ball of the EHF Men's European Championship 2024 Made from hand-stitched HPU 1800, this ball offers an extremely soft touch with a 4mm lamination. EHF-APPROVED. Specifications: Official Match Ball of the EHF Men's European Championship 2024 Top competition ball Hand-stitched Material: HPU 1800 SELECT Logo embossed print 4mm lamination Fantastic grip - with or without resin Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex EHF-APPROVED

Marker cones hurdles set

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This Hürdenset consists of 20 Marker Cones 10 and barrier rods (1 m length). The Marker Cones with a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 30 cm are made of flexible plastic (10 x yellow, red 10 x) and are thus very strong and flexible. The shrouds are provided at the top with recesses and thus can be combined with the 10 hurdle rods fast becoming a mini-hurdles system combine.

Vikings Game of foam rubber

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In the Rubbabu Viking throwing game "Finnish Skittles", the 12 numbered skittles have to be knocked over with a throwing stick. Details: Contents: 12 cones, 1 throwing stick and 1 carry bag Height of the cones 11.5 cm, Ø 5 cm Made of 100% natural rubber Fluffy and soft in bright colours Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Throwing weight 9.08 kg

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Throwing Weight made with professional craftsmanship. Head made of turned and powder-coated steel. Features a large triangle handle and a detachable short chain from the weight head. Weight bearing made of high-quality hardened steel. Chains and handles made of galvanized steel. Comes with a carrying bag. Note: In Germany, a throwing weight must be equipped with a hammer throw handle. Specifications: Steel powder-coated Weight: 9.08 kg Length: 398 mm Ø: 125 mm

Vinyl play ball Bio PAW Patrol 130 mm

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A classic among toys! Colorfully printed vinyl play ball with a beautiful PAW PATROL licensed motif. The ball is made from approximately 50% bio-based raw materials from renewable sources. The ball has been tested by TÜV AUSTRIA and bears the corresponding logo. Additionally, the ball is marked with the BIO logo and is recyclable. Fun for all ages! Specifications: Material: Vinyl Diameter: 130 mm BIO Logo TÜV AUSTRIA

MOLTEN handball, H2X3400-NR

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A top-quality training ball made of machine-sewn, soft synthetic leather that exhibits excellent playing characteristics and is very grippy even without resin. Specifications: Size 2 Soft synthetic leather Textured surface for excellent playing characteristics Very grippy, even without resin Highly durable due to machine-sewn panels Usage: Training School sports Club sports Indoor


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ANIMAL POPPER softball gun, animal-shaped guns, soft balls are shot by pumping. The packaging contains 6 colourful soft balls.

Step up, with training computer

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Effective training for glutes and thigh muscles. The stepper features various resistance levels that can be easily adjusted, allowing you to customize your workout according to your progress. Monitor your progress with the number of steps, distance covered, and workout time displayed on the computer. This makes exercising much more enjoyable. The stepper has a weight of 8.2 kg and can be quickly and easily stored after training without taking up space. Specifications: Length: 47 cm Width: 31 cm Height: 15.5 cm Weight: 8.2 kg Usage: Home fitness

Giant soccer ball Ø 75 cm

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Discover the ultimate giant inflatable ball in a timeless black and white football design - a new must-have for unlimited fun! With a generous diameter of 75 cm, this ball brings action to any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. The latex bladder ensures a long-lasting air filling so that you don't have to keep pumping it up during the game. Its soft yet hard-wearing textile surface gives the ball a pleasant feel and makes it robust for all types of play. Whether in the hall or on the sports field - this giant inflatable ball is the ideal companion for fun and exercise. A guarantee for fun and sportiness that will turn heads everywhere!

Hanhart stopwatch Profil 25

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The Profil 25 features a robust, water-resistant ABS housing, a highly readable LCD display, and is additionally equipped with a function window for Split, Lap, and Normal time. The digital stopwatch has 25 memory slots. Function selection is done through the Mode button: Start, Stop, Reset, Addition, Split, Lap, and Time of Day. Specifications: Housing made of ABS plastic Functions: Time of day, Addition, Lap, Split 7-digit LCD display Digit height: 8 mm Display range: 9 Hrs, 59 Min, 59.99 Sec AA-size battery, 1.5 V (included in the package) Additionally, a cord and a protective case are included in the package.

Discus GETRA Master High Spin WA

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The discus for champions. WA certified. This premium competition discus is an in-house development by GETRA SPORT with a special focus on the lowest possible thickness in the centre and a narrow ring (i.e. max. 0.3-0.4 mm above the minimum permissible in each case). The shells are made of epoxy fibreglass with a calibrated stainless steel ring for optimum rotation. The Master High Spin has a maximum weight on the outer edge to ensure the best possible flight characteristics.

Water Basketball

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The recreational fun for swimming pools, swimming pool or the beach holiday. Can be played on a basket as well as on two baskets. The rules may specify any way he wants. Everywhere to assemble usable, quick and easy and extremely stable.

Nordic competition javelin Viking, 500 g - 40 m

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Excellent joint-friendly javelin for competition and training. Forgiving of mistakes, making it suitable for beginners. Since a model change, the javelin is also suitable for better throws up to 40 m with a 500 g spear, thanks to an improved sail phase and a firmer shaft. The javelin is made from a special aluminum alloy, yet it behaves in terms of material and flight characteristics like a steel javelin. Specifications: Weight 500 g Throwing distance 40 m Aluminum alloy Cigar tip made of steel WA (formerly IAAF) certified

Kraftkleber für Basketball-Indoor-Zielbrettpolsterungen

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Produkt: Kraftkleber activ 11 Menge: 290 ml per Kartusche Colors: Schwarz Verwendungszweck: Zur Montage von Zielbrettpolsterungen an Zielbrettern von Indoor-Basketball-Anlagen Einfache Anwendung: Mit diesem Kraftkleber können Sie Zielbrettpolsterungen sicher und durably befestigungen. Robuste Haftung: Der Kleber guarante eine starke Verbindung, die den Onderöningen des Basketballs standhält. Ideal for indoor use: Perfect for indoor basketball facilities and similar applications. Hochwertige Qualität: Rely on a reliable and durable solution for your goals. Professional Montage: Geeignet für den Einsatz in Sporteinrichtungen und professionalen Basketballumgebungen.

MIKASA Street Jam

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The MIKASA Street Jam is a durable and affordable basketball, ideal for use in youth and women's sports. Its surface is made of a special rubber cover with a textured pattern, providing a unique and excellent grip. Its outstanding grip properties ensure good ball control, making it an excellent outdoor basketball that can also be used indoors. This basketball is known for its consistently good playing characteristics. Its shape, internal pressure, and rebound behavior remain consistently reliable due to its robust nylon carcass. Specifications: Ideal for leisure and training basketball Special rubber cover with textured pattern Excellent grip Size 6, circumference 72-74 cm, weight 510-560 g Size 7, circumference 75-78 cm, weight 600-650 g Area of use: School sports Club sports Recreation Indoor and outdoor

Adjustable swivel stool

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Height-adjustable swivel stool with a black frame and a blue seat cushion. Specifications: Black plastic base Medium blue round cushioned seat Continuous height adjustment via gas spring Seat height: 39-50 cm Maximum load capacity: 100 kg Suitable for carpeted floors with 5 casters

SELECT handball Ultimate Replica HBL Men V23

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The Select Ultimate Replica HBL V23 is the replica version of the official game ball of the Men's Bundesliga. The ball offers a good grip even without resin, and thanks to the new Soft-Feel technology, the ball feels very comfortable in the hand. Specifications: Size 2 / size 1 HPU 1000 3 mm lamination Suitable for use with or without resin EHF approved Application: School sports Club sports

Polanik Steel Competition Shot 7.26 kg, Ø 128 mm

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Great shot put of excellent quality. The precise manufacturing and years of experience result in an absolutely round and accurately calibrated ball. Durable powder-coated, suitable for competition and training. Specifications: Material: Steel Yellow powder-coated Weight: 7.26 kg Diameter: 128 mm WA Certificate Certificate Number: I-04-0305 Application: Competition Training

flippers emotion

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Swim fins with comfortable black foot slip made of soft rubber material. The profile of the blade gives strong thrust and stability when diving. The pack system allows the fins to be put together. The fins are suitable for recreational athletes. SALE!

Handball Future

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For training and competition. Made of soft synthetic leather with an additional soft substructure for soft ball contact. Good bounce and flight characteristics and a very grippy surface features of the ball

Mikasa Beach Pro BV550C

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The MIKASA BV550C is the official game ball of the World Federation and Volleyball World. Specifications: Official Game Ball New "Triclor" design for excellent visibility "Dimple" surface technology for perfect grip and maximum ball control Two-layer textile construction High-quality synthetic leather surface material made from recycled nylon Improved TwinSTLock seam technology for better water resistance New valve shape for extended durability Circumference: 66 - 68 cm Weight: 260 - 280 g FIVB APPROVED Field of Application: Competition ball Club sports

BENZ sports bag XXL with transport wheels

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The BENZ XXL sports bag, made of durable nylon, features three transport wheels and a convenient pull handle, making it perfect for carrying heavy loads. With its spacious, top-opening design and robust zipper, you have quick and easy access to your gear, making packing and unpacking a breeze. The practical front side pocket with a zipper ensures organized storage of smaller items. The BENZ logo on the bag adds a touch of style and quality. This sports bag is ideal for outfitting teams or as a versatile bag for sports equipment or travel.

Molten Basketball BG4000-DBB

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Specifications: Molten official match ball Premium synthetic leather with a natural leather appearance New surface and cushioning concept Highly grippable 12 panels FIBA APPROVED DBB tested | DBB Logo Range of Application: Indoor match ball School sports Club sports