Classroom cupboard

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The classroom cupboard with a practical shelf layout and 12 boxes is one of the classic pieces of equipment in the teacher's room or classroom. Details: Dimensions (W x H x D) 104.5 x 190 x 50 cm Divided by shelves (19 mm thick) and 12 boxes Beech wood finish Lockable with security cylinder

Secura sliding mat

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The Secure sliding mat from Spieth was specially developed for trampoline gymnastics. It is used for safety and is mandatory for competitions. The sliding mat can also be used for training and apparatus gymnastics. Details: Made of PE foam Dimensions (L x W x H) 175 x 125 x 14 cm With skin-friendly and elastic canvas PVC cover with 4 carrying handles Conforms to FIG specifications

Horizontal bar club

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Suitable horizontal bar for the uneven bars "Club", exercise bar "Club", methodology bar "Club" and floor bar from Spieth. Details: Length 244 cm, diameter 28 mm. Can be used in the Spieth Club range thanks to the click system Replacement of the pole recommended every 3 years Made of steel

DORADO 40 Trampolin

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High-quality trampoline with very hard jumping surface for high-performance sports. Details: Frame dimensions: 124 x 124 cm Jumping net dimensions: 60 x 60 cm Support dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 80 x 150 cm 40 steel springs Height adjustable from 23.7 to 28.5 cm Sturdy rectangular profile tube, powder-coated Feet fitted with rubber pads 30 mm thick frame cushion cover Incl. transport castors

Circle flanker

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The circle flanker is used for methodical learning of gymnastics on the pommel horse and facilitates the transition from the gymnastics mushroom to the pommel horse. With horizontal alignment, all standard exercises can be performed, the inclined alignment facilitates the training of flanks. The width of 45 cm relieves the shoulders and makes it easier to grip on the circle flank. The stable frame and the legs with rubber feet ensure a safe stand.Specifications: Dimensions (w x l x h): 45 x 140 x 50-65 cm Height adjustment in 5 cm steps Legs with rubber feet Leather topDelivery without pommels Weight 35 kg


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The SCHOOL-CUBE 100 3D has a multidirectional loudspeaker system that radiates the sound evenly in three different directions. The unit has a multiplayer function that allows media data to be played back via USB, SD card or BT. A recording function is also integrated. The included VHF receiver operates in the registration-free and signal-stable frequency range and is designed for wireless microphone use. The MDF housing is very robust and, in combination with the 3D speaker system, ensures a natural and powerful sound. To ensure uncompromising continuous operation, this amplifier requires a power connection. Delivery includes remote control and power supply unit. Technical data: Programme performance/ RMS 50 W / 30 W Power source DC power supply unit (included in delivery) Loudspeaker 3 x 5.25'' Full Range Speaker Signal input Line Cinch, MIC jack 6.3 mm VHF receiver 174 - 216 MHz, registration-free Case Medium density fibreboard (mint green, high gloss) Dimensions (B x H x T) 21 x 20 x 22 cm Weight 3,5 kg Application area: Classroom Kindergartens Sound reinforcement for larger areas Training rooms


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The SCHOOL-CUBE 100 was developed specifically for the school sector, and here in particular for sound reinforcement accompanying lessons in classrooms. The unit has a multiplayer via which media data can be played back via USB, SD card or BT. A recording function is also integrated. The MDF case is very robust and, in combination with the 5.25'' full range speaker, ensures a natural and undistorted sound. To ensure uncompromising continuous operation, this amplifier requires a power connection. Delivery includes remote control and power supply. Technical data: Programme output / RMS 40W / 20W Power source DC power supply unit (included in delivery) Loudspeaker 5.25'' Full Range Speaker Signal input Line Cinch, MIC jack 6.3 mm Case MDF (mint green, high gloss) Dimensions (B x H x T) 21 x 20 x 22 cm Weight 2,5 kg Range of application: Classroom Kindergartens Small presentations Training rooms

Free Standing Punch Dummy

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The boxing dummy consists of a foam upper part and a plastic stand that can be filled with water or sand. The upper part is height-adjustable. The standing punching bag / water dummy is suitable for fitness and endurance training. Not suitable for hard Thai and kickboxing training. Delivery carriage forward ex works. Specifications: Anatomical foam topHeight adjustment from 162 to 195 cm Plastic stand Ø 55 cm can be filled with water or sand Weight with water filling 110 kg Weight with sand filling 130 kg Empty weight 20 kg Range of application: FitnessEndurance training Extremely high quality, attractive design and easy to use.

Fall protection plate system

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Fall protection plate system made of grey rubber - recycled granulate for Kids Tramp XL (200 × 200 cm), incl. 4 adhesive cartridges. The fall protection panels serve as a frame cover for the Outdoor Trampoline Playground XL and must be glued on with the supplied assembly adhesive. The 3 cm thick panels with rounded edges on the inside ensure optimum safety and a barrier-free transition to the jumping sheet. Scope of delivery: 4 x Corner piece with mitre right, 75/47 x 28 cm 4 x Corner piece with mitre left, 75/47 x 28 cm 4 x Middle part, 50 x 28 cm 4 x Adhesive cartridge with assembly adhesive Delivery is carriage forward ex manufacturer's works.

Hexagonal dumbbell

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The compact hexagonal dumbbell provides a versatile fitness workout with its numerous weight levels. Details: Steel core with 1 cm thick rubber coating 2.5 kg increments Hex shape prevents the dumbbell from rolling away Price per piece

Mini Jumpy air cushion

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The air cushion Mini-Jumpy is used in therapy to train body sensitivity and for coordination exercises. It can also be used as play and sports equipment in schools and kindergartens. Details: Height: 40 cm when inflated. Material: robust plastic-coated fabric Can be inflated with a hand blower Incl. base, transport bag, repair kit and fastening set (ground anchor) for outdoor use Supplied without blower Made in Germany

ERZI Balancing Towers Set

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For this fun relay game that requires skill and speed. The ERZI balancing towers consist of 6 wooden blocks, a wooden handle with a pull cord. Details: 2 balancing towers Material: beech and birch plywood, colourfully varnished Perfect balancing game for kindergarten and school

ERZI team track

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With these robust wooden ball tracks, individual players become teams! When playing together, all players work hand in hand to build a long track. Details: 8 wooden tracks with 2 wooden balls Material beech wood Including carrying bag

Relaxation room wall-mounted folding lounger

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The relaxation room wall-mounted folding lounger is perfect for small rooms. When the lounger is needed, it can simply be folded down. Details: Lying surface 200 x 70 cm Reclining height 65 cm Couch can be folded vertically upwards Incl. roll-off device for medical crepe Height-adjustable head section Max. load 150 kg Delivery carriage forward ex works!

Boxing bandages non-elastic

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The firm bandages are equipped with thumb loop and velcro fastener, stabilise and protect the wrists during boxing training or boxing competition. Details: Length: 4.5 m Width: 5 cm With thumb loops and velcro fastener Supplied in pairs

Elastic boxing bandages

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The 2.5 m long elastic black boxing bandages with thumb loop and practical velcro fastener stabilise and protect the wrists during boxing training or boxing competition. Details: Length: 2.5 m Width: 5 cm Supplied in pairs Elastic material


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The Sensa®vario Board made of 100% PU with a sandwich core is an innovative training tool for promoting health through conscious movement. Deatils: Dimensions (W x L) 60 x 90 cm Maximum load 200 kg Made of 100% PU with sandwitch core Perfect for therapy and fitness training

JOOLA 3000 SC Pro table tennis table

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Excellent competition table according to EN 14468-1 class A for high level sports with a super fast playing surface, height adjustment and double anti-tilt device. Details: Competition table according to EN 14468-1 class A. Storage dimensions (W x H): 66 x 166 cm Set-up dimensions (L x W x H): 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm ITTF certification 25 mm thick top with polyester coating in special process Metal profile frame 50 mm SUPER COMPACT SYSTEM for easy assembly and dismantling 4 swivel castors, 2 with brake Sturdy, powder-coated metal base frame Solid hard rubber height adjusters Delivery without net set, assembly and carriage forward ex works!

Wilson Evolution Basketball

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The Wilson Evolution basketball is one of the best-selling basketballs in the USA. It is characterised by its exceptional feel and grip for ideal ball control. The Wilson Evolution basketball is used as a training and competition ball for indoor play. Details: Available sizes: 6 / 7 Circumference: 73 / 75 cm Weight: 540 / 610 g Material: microfibre-composite synthetic leather Composite Laid-In Channels Cushion Core Technology Moisture-absorbing Indoor Basketball

Spalding Legacy TF 1000

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Its excellent grip, the deep channel design as well as a moisture management system make the Spalding Legacy TF 1000 a basketball with outstanding playing characteristics and good ball control. Details: Size 7 Circumference: 75 cm Material: Composite leather in deep channel design Moisture management system for non-slip handling

Wilson Reaction Pro Shadow basketball

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The Wilson Reaction Pro Shadow Basketball is an all-rounder and can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. The performance composite surface provides strong grip and allows for excellent ball control.. Details: For indoor and outdoor use. Good grip and excellent ball control roll Great durability thanks to microfibre composite surface

Spalding Basketball TF Silver

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The Spalding TF Silver can be used indoors and outdoors. It convinces with its good handling and good grip. Details: Available size: 7 Ball circumference: 75 cm Weight: 610 g Material: Composite cover

Spalding Basketball Platinum Series

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The Spalding Basketball Platinum Series is specially designed for outdoor use. It convinces with long durability and very good grip. Details: Available sizes 7 Ball circumference: 75 cm Weight: 610 g Material: rubber

Spalding Basketball TF 250 DBB

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The Spalding TF 250 DBB is the perfect all-round basketball - it convinces with its good playing characteristics and its very grippy surface. Details: Available sizes 5 / 6 Ball circumference: 69,85 / 72,39 cm Weight 400 / 530 g Material: 100% synthetic leather DBB certified

Mobile correction foil mirror

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The mobile correction foil mirror is perfect for mobile use in dance training, school sports and physiotherapy. Details: Dimensions with frame (W x H x D) 145 x 205 x 40 cm 1-piece, swivelling Mirrored polyester foil stretched over aluminium frame Mirror back: polyurethane foam board Mobile thanks to rolling frame Thermostable - no stretching of the mirror surface due to direct sunlight or spotlight Delivery carriage forward ex works!

Weight chains

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These weight chains are a perfect accessory for progressive weight training. Details: Supplied as a pair Weight per pair: 16 kg = 2x 8 kg / 32 kg = 2x 16 kg 50 cm diameter Easy to attach to the barbell rod due to locking ring with rotary lever Chain length 150 cm Material: galvanised steel

Softdarts tips

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Ideally suited for electronic dartboards in the hobby sector. With 2-BA thread in short version. Scope of delivery 100 pieces per package.

Cube Coaster

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With the Cube coaster, you can expand your Cube Parkour. Quickly and easily, the coaster can be integrated into the parkour and further Cupe gymnastics equipment can be added. Details: Pedestal as an elevation by 22 cm Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 79 x 22 cm Ideal addition to increase the training level

Mobile bar spar

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The mobile parallel bars from the "Simone Biles series" are used to prepare for the uneven bars and to practise turns and handstands. It is also the ideal training tool for exercises at home. Details: Dimensions (L x W): 111 x 24.5 cm

Solido A45-S Table Tennis Table

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The Solido A45-S table tennis table has been developed for year-round outdoor use. This robust table tennis table is made of weatherproof and light-resistant polymer concrete. Details: Dimensions (L x H x D): 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm Steel reinforced polymer concrete top (45 mm thick) Aluminium edging Polymer concrete base with ground anchorage 100% weatherproof: frost and UV resistant Certified according to DIN EN 15312 Delivery without net, carriage forward ex manufacturer's works.

Table tennis table Sponeta S5-73 e / S5-72 e

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Robust all-weather table for schools and clubs according to EN standard 14468-1 class B. Details: Table top colour: blue / green Playing position (incl. net) (W x L x H): 187 x 274 x 76 cm Storage position (incl. net) (W x H x D): 187 x 156 x 72 cm Moisture-resistant melamine resin top (6 mm) Powder-coated white aluminium base frame Playback position possible SMS (Smart Manual System) locking system Incl. net set as well as ball and racket holder Supplied disassembled and carriage forward ex works!

BlockX zone band long jump

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Make the athletics classic long jump suitable for children with the BlockX zone tape. The tape is divided into 25 cm zones according to DOSP and DLV specifications in colourful, appealing designs. Perfect for schools, athletics clubs and children's athletics. Details: Tape dimension: 440 x 25 cm. Made of PVC tarpaulin fabric Measuring aid for the long jump Fixing eyelets at the corners 4-coloured and attractive design In a practical fleece bag

Moisture-proof wall clock

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A classic wall clock with arabic dial perfect for damp areas as it is steam and water protected. Details: Size Ø 30 cm Housing made of plastic Quartz clockwork Battery operation: 1x AA / LRG (not included) Steam and water protected Not suitable for indoor saunas

Training Battle Rope

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Battle ropes enable an effective, efficient and, above all, joint-friendly workout and are therefore perfect for professional strength endurance and muscle-building training. Details: Heavy version in two lengths 5 cm Material: plastic fibres

Stand plate for trampolines

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The stand plate is used for the stability of large trampolines. Details: Suitable for the Grand Master, Master and Ultimate trampolines from Eurotramp. Glued laminated wood with non-slip underside Cut-outs for floor protectors of the trampolines Dimensions (W x L x H): 50 x 50 x 3 cm Delivery carriage forward ex works

Winther VIKING tricycle maxi

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The Winther VIKING tricycle maxi with chopper handlebars is also attractive for older children due to its adjustability. Details: For the age group from 5 to 12 years Dimensions (W x L x H) 57 x 100 x 75 cm Adjustable seat height With trailer coupling Powder coated for durability Maximum load 75 kg

Jumping Net for Kids Tramp Playground XL

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Specially coated jumping sheet for the outdoor trampoline Kids Tramp Playground XL by Eurotramp. Details: Size: 156 x 156 cm Wire reinforced webbing with special coating Incl. suspension pins and assembly tool Delivery carriage forward ex works!