Bungee-Longe Aachen
Bungee-Longe Aachen
Bungee-Longe Aachen Bungee-Longe Aachen Bungee-Longe Aachen Bungee-Longe Aachen Bungee-Longe Aachen Bungee-Longe Aachen

Bungee-Longe Aachen

A bungee lungee greatly expands the training possibilities on a trampoline. With the bungee lungee, you can safely practice somersaults and flips. The bungee lungee model Aachen is a permanently installed unit in the hall that is mounted above your trampoline with a 4-point suspension.

  • Fixed installation above trampoline.
  • Perfect for sports clubs, schools, universities and therapy facilities.
  • 4-point suspension with elastic cable cross
  • Rope, pull-off, pre-tensioning and wall locking device.
  • Electric pull-up device with motor
  • Incl. mounting
  • Electrical connection on site
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The Aachen model of the bungee lungee is offered by us as a permanently installed gymnastics equipment. For this purpose, four highly elastic rubber ropes and four suspension ropes are mounted in a 4-point suspension above a preferably permanently installed trampoline on the ceiling. The rubber ropes have different pulling and carrying properties in order to be able to adjust the jumping device to the athlete's body weight. With the appropriate salto belt, the athlete can perform jumps at considerable heights with maximum safety. It is important for the use of the bungee lungee that the flexible rubber ropes as well as the salto belt are adjusted to the weight of the athlete before jumping. The bungee lungee is not only a practical training tool but also guarantees a lot of fun for young and old.

We will be happy to advise you on the purchase and installation of a bungee lungee. Because this gymnastics equipment is individually tailored to your hall and requirements. For the installation of a bungee lungee, an electrical connection must be provided by the building owner. This is because the rubber ropes are lowered from the ceiling by an electric motor.
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