Funny Strike Pro, badminton racket
(tax incl.)
Funny Strike Pro, badminton racket with carbon-glass fiber shaft and aluminum head, length 66 cm, weight approx. 90 gr, high-quality covered multifilament synthetic string. Durable and robust. Ideal for school and club sports.
Hanhart stopwatch Compact 2
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Digital Stopwatch digit 6 with LCD display. Functions: Digital stopwatch counting up, short time (countdown) counting down sec with signal and repeats normal time, time measuring unit 1, display time stopwatch and countdown for 23 h, 59 min, 59 sec....
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Soft shell harder core. With the triangular field-template it is easy aufzustellen.Bahn the 10 pins really free for the two bowling balls. Three finger holes in each ball to give a firm grip and help to control the direction of the balls.
Frame swivel panel
(tax incl.)
Frame swivel table cm with a writing area of ??180 x 100th The total height is 175 cm. A panel side is green (steel enamel), the other white glossy. The light gray structure is made Stalrohr and has mobility four rollers, two of which are detectable.
Tischkicker G-5000
(tax incl.)
Filigree styling and quality finish. The perfect kicker for indoor use in youth spaces and public facilities. 30 mm-thick multilayer body covered with laminate. Stable, inclined and height-adjustable table leg construction made of 40mm thick MDF with black melamine coating.
(tax incl.)
Polyethylene rope Ø 10 mm, width 32 cm, 6 wood sprouts and suspension ring. Ideal for school sports and exercise equipment.
swing set
(tax incl.)
Consisting of: polyethylene pair of ropes (Ø 10 mm, adjustable by actuating Be), wood-seesaw, about 46 x 18 cm, to about 65 kg load, Pair Turnringe with plastic handles and wood trapezoidal with galvanized steel rings.
Trapeze vaulting box 3 pieces
(tax incl.)
The three foam cores are individually / red / blue coated with PVC canvas in shades of yellow. Lateral Velcro strips allow securing the items together. The total height of all three components is complete 120 cm and tapers from 90 to 45 cm. The item height is 40 cm. Length 120 cm.
Thera-Band® Exercise Band, 128 mm wide
(tax incl.)
(5.5 mx 12.8 cm) The very good elastic properties of this natural latex band that Thera-Band® make it a simple and practicality hardly be surpassed training tool for anyone with virtually unlimited applications in clinic / practice your own walls, hotels, workplaces, sports and exercise groups.
Marking hemispheres
(tax incl.)
, Cm 9 cm high impact plastic, Ø 20th 4 different colors, 10 pieces, easier transportation and storage by transporting staff.
Competition hurdle Alu Exclusive registered design
(tax incl.)
Is characterized by its simple, fast, proprietary adjustment with sunken plywood hurdle bar. Very stable due to fully welded corners, absolutely rust and maintenance free. Corresponds exactly to the IAAF rules in height, weight and pressure point. Inside Running, galvanized weights. Stickers for info on height and weight adjustment.
Handstand exercise bars
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Rigid type, wooden sleepers with headband for Holme. Holm length 100 cm, 41 cm, height 21 cm Holm Holm width.
Vaulting box (small) 1 part
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The absolute original - the one-piece small vaulting box. Proven over the years for a variety of exercises and games and established in different sports as a training aid - the small jump boxes of Benz®. 50 length 70 cm, width cm, height 40 cm! Made in Germany
(tax incl.)
Ø 30 cm. Cotton 2 sturdy handles, for many organized games and competitions. Color according to stock - blue, red, yellow and green.
Cover for gym mats red anti-slip + Velcro
(tax incl.)
<br> Benz replacement cover for gym mats red anti-slip + Velcro <br> Profiled non-slip surface <br> Reinforced gym mat fabric with 680g / m² <br> Tear-resistant carrier fabric <br> Velcro corners for connecting several mats <br> color red <br> Phthalate-free <br > Underside with fabric-reinforced anti-slip covering <br> gym mat cover specifications: <br> <ul> <li> PVC gym mat fabric with 680g / m² </li> </ul>
Special small Feldtor
(tax incl.)
Super Specialty retail field goal, 3 x 2 m. Upper depth of 90 cm, cm lower depth 1.15. Goal of aluminum, welded full-, goalpost oval profile 100 x 120 mm, net hoop mm from round pipe 50 x 4, the base frame rectangular profile 75 x 50 mm, incl. 5 PP mm mesh with steel reinforcement, MW 11 cm, diagonal manufactured.
CM ® tape
(tax incl.)
CM-band incl. Exercise guidance Unique exercise band, which can be varied in length and tensile strength. Patented clip-lock the tape to the body size and fitness level can be adjusted. Extremely tear-resistant, can also be used in the water. With exercise instructions.
Slack Spot Basic
(tax incl.)
This spot Slack Basic is the centerpiece of the Slack system for children. With two spots and a slackline it forms the system in its simplicity and is starting point for exciting Slack course. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.
Special line brush
(tax incl.)
Articulated telescopic handle and plastic bristles. A double cleaning effect is achieved by a special design and arrangement of the high quality bristles.
Comfort fins
(tax incl.)
The Benz comfort swim fins are specially made from allergy-free thermo rubber and have a flexible, yet stable plastic sheet. They serve long and intensive use in water and are ideally suited for swimming lessons. Thanks to the closed rubber foot section, it is extremely comfortable to wear.
Longboard surfers drop shape Blue 42 "
(tax incl.)
The multi-ply wood makes for a good flex and easy to master driving characteristics. The deep shifted focus of this Longboards suitable for drifts and slides. The board provides for advanced beginners and for a lot of fun. Dimensions: 105 x 24.5 x 12.5 cm, weight: 3.9 kg, load 100 kg.
Wardrobe seat Alu type B
(tax incl.)
Sided bench for wall mounting with the seats and backrests made of anodized aluminum. Seat height 45 cm, width 40 cm, total height of 152 cm, 4 each aluminum profile bars and seat 1 aluminum profile back strip. Price per meter.
Volleyball, Molten V5M2000
(tax incl.)
Training ball made of soft synthetic leather in the new design, machine sewn, extremely durable, ideal for beginners and the school training
Trimilin® Swing Plus
(tax incl.)
Trimilin Swing is equipped with rubber cable, is therefore on the characteristic slightly softer, has a longer suspension travel and is particularly suitable in sensitive individuals of the spine and joints. The trampoline is also suitable for very low body weight.
therapy stool
(tax incl.)
4-legged stacking stool out of steel tubing, painted black. Seat Beech natural finish, glued 15 times, 20 mm thick. Seat height 50 cm, Ø seat cm 35th
Soft training hurdles set
(tax incl.)
Low density polyethylene, Ø 45 mm, yellow. are hurdles 70 cm long and have five different heights: 10-20-30-40-50 cm. Ideal training system, no risk of injury.
Beach volleyball pitch Marking Set
(tax incl.)
9 x 18 m, adjustable to 8 x 16 m, dark blue. With adjustable plastic corner pieces, 50 mm wide PES webbing and central marking. Incl. 4 plastic anchors (23 cm long) and bungee tension lines.
Cover for gym mats blue with Velcro
(tax incl.)
<br> Benz replacement cover for gym mats blue with Velcro <br> Profiled non-slip surface <br> Reinforced gym mat fabric with 680g / m² <br> Tear-resistant carrier fabric <br> Velcro corners for connecting several mats <br> Color blue <br> Phthalate-free <br> Gym mat cover specifications: <br> <ul> <li> PVC gymnastics mat fabric with 680g / m² </li> </ul>