The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND can be used to train small muscle chains in particular, resulting in improved body statics and a reduced risk of injury. The natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textiles offers all the benefits of a flexible training device without any unpleasant pulling on the skin, making training more fun. The colours indicate different levels of stretch and resistance.
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The carefully developed fitness band has a length of 32 centimetres and can be used flexibly for many different exercises. It is made from a textile material that ensures greater training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and pleasant to the touch, even after prolonged use. The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND is available in different resistance levels. The orange model offers a light resistance, the green model a medium resistance and the blue model a high resistance. Whether in the gym, in your own living room, in the park or when travelling - the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS enable functional training wherever you want to do something for your fitness and special muscle chains.
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