BENZ Ceiling System
BENZ Ceiling System
BENZ Ceiling System BENZ Ceiling System

BENZ Basketball Ceiling system

Basketball ceiling scaffold according to pulled up to 7.00 m ceiling height, tubular steel frame with hinges to the back of the hall ceiling. The steel pipes are phosphated and coated with two-component lacquer DD. issued. No engine, fall protection and backboard.
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Prepared for ESG backboard in a sandwich construction with excellent rebound properties Highest rigidity and a resulting minimum of vibration padding board, board frame and basket with energy-absorbing, Vobeitet for electric motor Hoistable hoist Separate attaching target board and basket on the frame ceiling Mounted Retractable basketball goal basketball baskets by competition guidelines Stable and dunking capable Super Sturdy dunking Pure basketball ceiling frame without substructure, motor, switches, buttons, stem, board, basket, web, pad, 24Sek- stock, fall protection, display,
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