Pilates Ball
Pilates Ball
Pilates Ball Pilates Ball Pilates Ball Pilates Ball Pilates Ball

Pilates ball

Pilates ball made of soft vinyl, elastic exercise ball for versatile use in balance and coordination exercises. Very handy and durable. Aids the Pilates method for soft body workout for all ages and all fitness levels!
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The ball, Ø cm 20-27, is inflated with a supplied tubes and stoppered. Color on the stock. The Pilates method is, that provide a holistic body workout in which above all the low-lying, small, but usually weaker muscle groups for a correct and healthy posture. A regular exercise the deep muscles creates a new feeling and a new posture, back pain will disappear and the body is balanced, elastic, strong and supple. Basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called "powerhouses", the in-midsection muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles are very specifically addressed. Pilates exercises are carried out quietly, flowing and very focused, coordination of mind and body are in demand. The deep breathing is of great importance, it is aware of each exercise
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