Running Ball
Running Ball

Running ball

The walking ball is an excellent way to train your sense of balance. The ball originated in the circus and is now part of the standard equipment of jugglers and professional artists.

Product features:
  • Ø 70cm
  • Made of unbreakable PE material
  • For training the sense of balance

Field of application:
  • School sports
  • Club sport
  • Children's circus
  • Physiotherapy
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The walking ball is a playful and acrobatic way to train balance and psychomotor skills. The walking ball has its origins in the circus, but can be used in school and club sports as well as in physiotherapy. For the balancing act, another person should support the balancer at the beginning. Thanks to the robust PE material, the ball can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The smaller and lighter the balance ball, the faster it reacts to the movements of the performer. The larger and heavier, the slower the reaction of the ball.
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