BENZ Mini Soft Cube
BENZ Mini Soft Cube
BENZ Mini Soft Cube BENZ Mini Soft Cube

Mini soft cube 76 mm

The Mini soft cubes are a great alternative to balls for juggling. The cubes are also great fun for a variety of catch and throw games.

  • Edge length 76 mm
  • Elastic foam with PU coating
  • Available in two colours
  • Washable due to the PU skin
  • Perfect for schools, kindergartens and clubs
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The mini soft cubes stand out with their bright neon colours. The handy size of 76 mm edge length makes the mini cubes wonderful for juggling. The elephant skin (PU surface) of the cubes is washable. The BENZ mini soft cubes are the ideal break-time fun in schools, kindergartens and at leisure events.
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