AirHockey Stratos
AirHockey Stratos
AirHockey Stratos AirHockey Stratos AirHockey Stratos AirHockey Stratos

AirHockey Stratos

A table with professional dimensions and features. The fine lines and the visual effect of the elegance of the table body are supported by the dynamics of black and aluminiumfarbenerFarbkombinationen. The main frame is composed of 16 mm thick, black chrome coated MDF and profiles. Height adjusters allow a perfect game fun even on uneven ground.
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The playing surface is 193 x 102 cm, two-color and easy to clean. Below that is a 220V high power blower which blows through the countless holes in the playing surface air and therefore builds up an air cushion. To be always informed about the current score is centrally located above the court on a metal frame, an electronic display with integrated sound function. Easy and quick puck taking a catch tray behind the Torkästen. The package includes 4 game handles and 4 pucks. Structure Dimensions: 213.5 x 122 x 81 cm (L x W x H), weight: kg 105th Please note installation costs of € 180!
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