Braig Bar - The Original - Length 5,00m
Braig Bar - The Original - Length 5,00m
Braig Bar - The Original - Length 5,00m 

Braig Bar - The Original - Length 5,00m

Braig bar - The Original - Length 5,00m

Original Braig bar 5,00m
Worldwide in use: New York, Budapest, Paris, Moscow, Monte-Carlo, Stockholm, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Shanghai and many more
Special reinforced plywood bars
Top product in the international ballet schools and operas
Outstanding stability thanks to the low center of gravity

Technical specifications:
  • massive and heavy cast iron construction
  • Special reinforced plywood bars
  • Equipped with 3 stands
  • Integrated chassis with independent wheel suspension
  • Height of the lower bar: 875mm
  • Height of the upper: 1100mm
  • weight: 106kg (net weight)
  • weight: 113,5kg (gross weight with packaging)
Braig bar 5,00m
  • length: 5,00m
€2,699.90 (tax incl.) €2,268.82 (tax excl.)
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Additional specifications:
Absolutely torsion-resistant base frame
Particularly stable basic construction
including rubber bumpers that are embedded in the cast foot and protect the floor
Available in 2 different lengths

The ingenious and professional double-Barre. Stand flat was solid cast iron base and castors. Easy assembly and disassembly. available in 3.5 m length with two uprights and 5 m in length with 3 stands. for free positioning in space It is flexible and mobile by easy conversion of BRAIGBARRE for the same rod length twice the capacity by mutual assignment improved monitoring and correction possibilities potty move through the massive and heavy cast iron construction, the Braigbarre incredibly stable. The stand base is despite the built-in plastic rollers so flat that the footwork is hardly hindered. You rolls are also maintenance-free. Rubber buffers are inserted at the stator bottom, in order to preserve the hall floor, and to ensure a firm seating.
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106 kg
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