BENZ MultiMotionCenter + K4 climbing poles

Exercise, climbing, training & fun


The ideal combination of movement landscape, climbing, play and training facilities. New movement and training opportunities are created in just a few simple steps. The overall architectural picture is not affected. If the system is not needed, it disappears into the wall. The impact protection wall remains intact.

  • Various options for attaching a wide variety of devices or expanding an existing structure
  • High fun and movement factor
  • Highly prompt
  • Highest security
  • Space-saving
  • Movement and play opportunities for a large number of children at the same time, depending on the extensions
  • Versatile
  • Can be easily combined with existing devices

It's that easy:
• Swing out the climbing poles and fix them
• Fold down the ladders
• Insert intermediate shelves
• Lay out protective mats