Mini Tramp 'TeamGym Premium'
Mini Tramp 'TeamGym Premium'

Mini Tramp 'TeamGym Premium'

Minitramp for elite sport, high performance acrobatics and dance groups. A Minitramp responsive as a target group particularly gymnasts, the demand from the device particularly high stability, stability and an exceptional throwing power. The device was originally developed for the Euro team competition.
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Highly stable lace mini tramp with exceptional casting performance - for competitive sports and acrobatics. Frame size: galvanized 125x130 cm. Sprungtuch: 60x60 cm of 6 mm wide nylon straps, steel springs 36, shock-absorbing and stable frame pads Full coverage. Weight: 58kg. With removable transport wheels. Delivery unfree ex works. • Setting: flat oval tube 125 x 130 cm from special steel; galvanized • Legs: Round tube made of special steel, adjustable height, with moving, standing plates; galvanized • jumping sheet (60 x 60 cm) 6 mm wide woven nylon straps • 36 steel springs (length 185 mm, 32 mm?); galvanized • Shock-absorbing and stable frame pads Full coverage • Standard repluggable transport rolls • security hologram packing dimensions: 1 box: 140 x 125 x 15 cm
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