BENZ Gymnastics Bench 3.50 M Austrian Norm
BENZ Gymnastics Bench 3.50 M Austrian Norm

BENZ gymnastics bench 3.50 m austrian norm (ÖNORM)

According to ÖNORM (austrian norm), made of high quality European pine wood, at one end with wooden bar for hanging in other sports equipment.
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One of the "classics" of our production is sold still in very large numbers and studied in quality, appearance and safety like him! In an internal company review was a 4 m-banking, detached on two trestles, charged in the center with about 400 kg - a burden that can not occur as in normal use, the deflection was enormous - the Bank has withstood this load without damage! A test of the longevity and the robust construction more than clearly proves! Made with high quality wood. Including wooden bar for suspending the Turn bank to wall bars, horizontal bar or vaulting box. Feet of hardwood with non-slip, non-marking rubber shells. Beam 10 cm wide, ideal for Schwebebalken- and balance training.
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