Hand Whistle Wizzball
Hand Whistle Wizzball

Hand whistle

Whistle integrated into a soft PVC balloon. The whistling sound is made by pressing on the balloon. This means there is no longer any risk of infection from transmitted bacteria. Assorted colors, weight 100 g.

  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 7 cm
    • Height: 12 cm
  • Properties & Features:
    • Application location: Indoor & Outdoor
    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Color: Red
    • Weight: ca 60 g
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The hand whistle, a technical innovation in the world of audible signaling, is proving to be a compelling alternative to the traditional whistle. Their outstanding properties and advantages make them an indispensable companion in various areas of application.

A remarkable feature that sets the hand whistle apart from the whistle is undoubtedly its hygienic use. Instead of blowing into a mouthpiece, it produces the sound by applying precise pressure to a bellows. This eliminates the need to put the whistle in the mouth, which not only increases hygiene but also allows for sharing between multiple students and teachers. This versatility is extremely practical both in a school context and during physical education lessons.

The hand pipe impresses not only with its hygienic use, but also with its ergonomic design. The soft rubber handle is comfortable to hold and allows for comfortable and safe operation, even in hectic situations. This handle is a key feature for efficient handling.

The hand whistle proves to be a valuable helper in daily use, especially in physical education lessons and other school subjects. Their technically sophisticated design not only enables reliable acoustic signaling, but also the ability to speak while whistling. This additional communication aspect is a crucial advantage for giving clear instructions or conveying information.

The hand whistle is the most remarkable solution for acoustic signaling, cleverly combining the advantages of hygiene, ease of use and advanced communication. Their technological advances optimize daily use in different contexts, be it in sports, in the classroom or elsewhere, making them an indispensable tool for clear and effective communication.
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