Speedertube Mixpack
Speedertube Mixpack

SPEEDMINTON Speeder®-Tube Mix

The Speeder® Tube Mix contains the right Speeder® for every game level, weather and distance.

Set contents:
  • 2x MATCH Speeder®
  • 1x FUN Speeder®
  • 1x CROSS Speeder®
  • 1x NIGHT Speeder®
  • 1x wind ring

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With the Speeder® Tube Mix from SPEEDMINTON you get a wide variation of different Speeder® with different requirements. All Speeder® are characterised by excellent flight characteristics. The corrugated flight dress causes the Speeder® to rotate so that it flies even more accurately. With the lightweight FUN Speeder®, you can ensure quick success and pure fun for beginners. The CROSS Speeder® is specially designed for outdoor play at long distances and in windy conditions. The MATCH Speeder® comes with the official competition ball for very fast games. And even after sunset, the fun doesn't end with the NIGHT Speeder®. A speed light (bending light) makes the ball visible in the dark. The Speeder® is produced exclusively in Germany using recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly high-tech plastics from Switzerland.

What is Crossminton?
Crossminton, Speedminton or Speed Badminton combines the best of tennis, squash and badminton in a game that can be played anywhere and at any time. The game is very easy to set up as no net is required. The court consists of two 5.5 x 5.5 m squares with 12.8 m space between them. The game is played in singles or doubles with the so-called Speeder® balls, which are very similar to badminton balls, but smaller, heavier and thinner. A point is scored when the Speeder® touches the ground inside the opponent's court, the Speeder® is played out of bounds or is hit twice. Two winning sets lead to the victory of the match. A set goes up to 16 points. After each set there is a change of sides.
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