Sensorimotor Mats "advanced Set 1"
Sensorimotor Mats "advanced Set 1"
Sensorimotor Mats "advanced Set 1"
Sensorimotor Mats "advanced Set 1"
Sensorimotor Mats "advanced Set 1"

Sensorimotor mats "advanced set 1"

The sensory mats from Muffkin offer children a playful walking experience to train their sense of balance, fine motor skills and tactile perception. The alternation between soft and hard surfaces of the mats is also ideal in physiotherapy for tactile stimulation of the feet and foot reflex zones. The individual mats can be put together like a puzzle. Dimensions of the individual elements 28.4 x 28.4 cm.

Set consisting of 13 elements:
  • 1x grass soft
  • 1x cone hard
  • 1x pebble hard
  • 1x dino eggs soft
  • 1x muffik hard
  • 1x mussels hard
  • 1x nuts hard
  • 3x wave hard
  • 1x coast soft
  • 1x tree trunk hard
  • 1x hedgehog hard
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The Orthopaedic Sensory Mats advanced set 1 is a balanced combination of soft and hard surfaces. The mats are used to train the sense of balance, fine motor skills and tactile perception of the feet. Due to the puzzle shape of the individual elements, the mats are easy to put together and can be laid out like a carpet. The modules with hard surfaces such as cones and nuts stimulate and strengthen the arch of the foot. Soft grass and gentle dino eggs serve as preparation or relief from hard surfaces. The pebbles work the muscles of the transverse arch of the foot and train the perception of smooth and rough surfaces. The material and workmanship of the Sensory Mats Advanced Set 1 comply with all European and national regulations for the safety of toys and naturally bear the CE mark. In addition, it has been tested according to DIN EN standards 71-1, 71-2, 71-3, 71-9 and 71-11.
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