Blue Fire Blind Futsal Ball
Blue Fire Blind Futsal Ball

Blue Fire blind futsal ball

This IBSA-certified competition ball has reduced bounce and low rebound, which makes it easier for the blind and visually impaired to play. Thanks to the 6 integrated sound devices, the ball can be easily located at any time.

  • Official competition ball for football for the blind.
  • IBSA certified
  • Good ball control due to reduced bouncing behaviour
  • 6 integrated sound devices
  • Structured PU surface
  • Gr. 3
  • Circumference 60-62 cm
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The Blue Fire blind football from Handi Life Sport is the official competition ball for blind football. It complies with IBSA standards and is made of high-gloss PU material. Thanks to the structured surface, the blind football has optimal ball control. The 6 integrated sound devices produce rattling noises through which the players can locate the ball. In addition, the devices reduce the speed of the ball. Another advantage of the ball is its reduced bounce and low rebound. Blind football is suitable for junior, women's and men's levels of play from the age of 14.

How is blind football played?
A team in blind football is made up of 4 blind or visually impaired field players and a sighted goalkeeper. Blind football is played according to the sense of hearing and orientation. Therefore, the balls used have built-in rattles or loud bells. Footballs for the blind have a reduced bounce and an increased dead weight so that the ball cannot bounce away uncontrollably and remains close to the players. The field players are guided by instructions from the coach, goalkeeper and a guide. All players approaching a player with the ball must shout "Voy" (I'm coming). A game lasts 2 x 25 minutes with a 10-minute half-time break. In addition, each team may take one time-out per half.
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