Headis Match Point
Headis Match Point

Headis match point

Official Headis match point! The jump features of this ball are excellent to gamble to! The roughened surface provides excellent grip on the head and on the plate. This Headis ball is the original ball, which is played in all Headis World Cup tournaments.
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The ball weighs about 100 grams and measures when inflated 50 cm circumference. Thus the Headis-ball feels comfortable with you and you have much fun if you should treat him well. Used to inflate a needle valve. In the Headis pump is back under control so it does not buckle hidden. The Headis-Ball does not like sharp objects such as needles, thorns and broken glass. Because the ball is extra soft make him jump well, he is sensitive to pressure. So do not sit on or pinch or it may be that he wobbles soon. In the sun and heat, the ball expands. In the summer, please do not be let in the car. Have fun with your Headis match point!
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