Beach-Volleyball Ground Sleeve Multi-Flex 132 X 103 Mm
Beach-Volleyball Ground Sleeve Multi-Flex 132 X 103 Mm

Beach-Volleyball ground sleeve Multi-Flex 132 x 103 mm

The Beach Volleyball Ground Socket Multi-Flex 132 x 103 mm is designed for mobile use of beach volleyball systems. With the matching equipment, our BENZ beach volleyball systems can also be used in a mobile and flexible manner.

  • 132 x 103 mm
  • Fully welded steel ground socket
  • Galvanised and weather-resistant surface
  • Total height 50 cm, insertion depth 40 cm
  • Fits volleyball/ & ball game posts with 131 x 102 mm oval profile
  • Perfect for competitions, schools and clubs
  • Two ground sockets are required for the construction of a beach volleyball facility
  • Packaging unit 1 piece
For the construction of a mobile beach volleyball facility, a ground frame and a set of wooden beams are required in addition to the ground sockets. Furthermore, the ground socket can be used in combination with a fixed ground plate. Equipment are not included in the scope of delivery.
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With the BENZ beach volleyball ground sockets Multi-Flex 132 x 103 mm and the matching equipment, you can use our BENZ beach volleyball systems flexibly. We offer two different systems for mobile use of the facilities.

Mobile beach volleyball facility with floor frame
This system can be used very flexibly and regardless of location. Perfect for events and temporary locations. To set up a beach volleyball facility with this system, two ground frames and two sets of wooden beams are required. The ground sockets are attached to the fastening of the ground frames and the wooden beam set is pushed into the outriggers of the T-piece of the ground socket fastening. Afterwards, the fastening and the wooden outriggers are covered with sand and filled up. The net posts can now be inserted into the ground sockets and the net tensioned.

Mobile beach volleyball system with permanently mounted ground plate
This system is perfect if you want to use your sand court for a variety of beach sports. For this, the base plates are firmly screwed to the concrete foundation of the court. Then the foundation is filled with sand. Now the ground sockets can also be attached to the ground plates at a later date and removed again if necessary. To do this, you only need to dig out the ground plates.
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