Badminton Training net Champion

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The Champion badminton net is a long net and was specially designed for training. The length of the net can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes. Price per running metre. Details: 1.2 mm thick Polypropylene high-strength, knotless Net edging: 75 mm polyester tape in white. Length of Kevlar rope: Net length + 0.60 m

Badminton net set

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4, which are mounted m ready to play with continuous Kevlar rope on 31 consisting badminton tournament networks Olympia.

Netzaufwickel cars

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Is permanently fixed, collapsible steel construction for easy, fast and effective assembly and disassembly of Badminton and Volleyball Long net assets.

Badminton post Mega

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The power plant is stressed by simply loading the extension strap with body weight. Guyline is merely pressed into the terminal and the system is ready to play.

BENZ badminton post Ø 42 mm

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BENZ badminton post made of thick-walled steel round tube with a Ø of 42 mm. The post is equipped in the upper area with a deflection roller and a rope clip for simple tensioning of the net. The rectangular boom welded in the lower area always ensures the same, correct net height according to specifications, regardless of how the bottom sleeves are mounted. With the optional, comfortable tensioning of the net with a belt tensioner, this can be hung into the welded eye of the boom. By default, the posts are painted in RAL1016 (traffic yellow). The delivery takes place without floor sleeve, belt tensioner and net non-free from the manufacturer's factory.

Badminton Stand Standard

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Free-standing, mobile stand, separable, 38 kg. easy to transport by means of a 2-rolls. With rubber buffer to protect the hall floor. Without Spanner.

Badminton tournament net

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Polypropylene 1.2 mm thick, 6.02 m wide, 76 cm high. White mesh ca. 18 mm, 8 m long Kevlar rope. Both sides incorporated polyester rods. mm on top of the net 75 polyester edging (without belt tensioner). DIN EN 1509th

umpire's chair

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Tubular steel construction with write board and plastic shell seat, painted silver. Collapsible for space-saving storage.

VICTOR Badminton Racket AL 3300

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Durable racket for hobby and school sports. Good acceleration and comfortable handling thanks to aerodynamic frame.Details: Material: aluminium frame with steel shaft Weight strung: 98 g Stringing: Ashaway Rally 21 Fire Head shape: isometric Total length: 67 cm Max. Stringing hardness: 9 kg Extras: one-piece look

Nylon badminton tin Tech 450

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Premium nylon badminton ball with cork base. Basket with additional stabilizing struts made of supple, durable nylon. Badminton shuttlecock offers best flight characteristics and is suitable for tournaments and training. Tin of 6, color green - slow.

BENZ Nylon Badminton Shuttle Classic yellow 6-pack Box

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The BENZ Nylon Badminton Ball Classic is a badminton ball made of high-quality nylon designed for school sports and club use. Depending on the requirements, there is a suitable speed for each player, which differs in the form of the individual designs of the ball and types. The BENZ badminton balls / BENZ feather balls with nylon carcass are available in 3 different versions from Langam(green) to Medium(blue) to Fast(red). Depending on the light situation and ambient brightness, badminton balls with white or yellow (neon yellow) basket can be selected. The special wiched structure gives the ball additional stability and has a positive effect on the flight characteristics. Packaging unit in a practical 6-ball tin (6 x badminton balls). Details: Available speeds: Slow/Medium/Fast Available basket colours: White / Neon Yellow Material foot: Cork Material basket: Polyurethane Packing unit: 6-pack box Application areas: Schools Clubs Indoor and outdoor

Badminton textbook

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Practical textbook all about the popular racket sport of badminton. Details: Interesting facts and rules for playing badminton Languages: German/English 42 pages

Badminton Schoolset ELI Teen

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The ELI Teen school set is precisely tailored to the conditions for learning badminton in school sports. Details: 10 Teen badminton rackets (length 63 cm) 2x 6-pack of medium badminton shuttles Racket with shortened shaft and markings for grip training Incl. carrying bag, learning poster and playing rule book

Bisi Badminton Schläger

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Bisi Schulkonzept (B=Badminton I=Into S=Schools I=Initiative). Grundidee des BISI-Konzeptes ist es Anfängern die optimale Schlagtechnik zu lehren. Dafür wurde eine spezielle Bisi-Schläger-Serie entwickelt um dieser Anforderung gerecht zu werden. Alle Bisi-Schläger sind mit neuartigen Lerngriffen ausgestattet - eine fehlerhafte Schlägerhaltung wird dadurch unmöglich.Lawntex-Saite, Länge 680 mm, ca. 105 g. ABVERKAUF!