Plastic Tray Small, 133x26x55 Cm
Plastic Tray Small, 133x26x55 Cm

Plastic tray small, 133x26x55 cm

Plastic shelf small, 133x26x55 cm, stainless kg for 10 to 12 balls unterschiedlichster sizes with a high standard of hygiene, weight 5, not free from the manufacturing plant
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A high-quality plastic products for wet areas. Very water-resistant, stainless and high standard of hygiene. The surface is easy to clean and is resistant to acid and moisture. The resistant PVC material SOGT a high durability and a high payload of up to 400 kg / m². Pollutant-free, non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC, the product of the current REACH Regulation follows and is also recyclable.
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