Outdoor chess/draughts board
Outdoor chess/draughts board
Outdoor chess/draughts board Outdoor chess/draughts board

Outdoor chess/draughts board

With the XL Outdoor Outdoor Playing Board, you can play chess as well as checkers outdoors. Excellent for leisure, park, sports facilities and swimming pools.

Product details:
  • Durable made of weatherproof plastic
  • Individual squares are connected by a plug-in mechanism
  • Available pitch sizes: 155 x 155 / 260 x 260 cm
  • Size of individual field: 17 x 17 / 33 x 33 cm

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The outdoor chess and draughts board offers a lot of fun for outdoor thinking. Thanks to the robust, weatherproof and water-permeable plastic, the outdoor chess/draughts board is extremely durable. It is perfect for outdoor pools, campsites or parks. The 155 x 155 cm or 260 x 260 cm chess board is made of individual boards that are firmly connected by a plug-in mechanism.
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