Dry - marking machine with agitator

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adjustable with hand lever spreading width 5 and 12 cm, ideal for wet, spongy places because of the large, pneumatic tires balloon wheels very easy to push. Quality, red powder coating. Equipped with Perlon-round brush and built-in agitator. Capacity about 35 liters. Weight about 24 kg.

Dry-line marking with agitator

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Equipped with Perlon-round brush and built-in agitator. With hand lever adjustable spreading width, 5 cm and 12 cm. Pneumatic wheels behind and 2 solid rubber guide wheels. Weather- and corrosion-resistant powder coating. Capacity of the container about 35 l. Net weight 19 kg.


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Removes water from playing fields and running tracks quickly and easily, 90 cm wide. With metal handle and practical hooks for hanging.

Large area sprinkler ROLLCART-V-3

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The RollcarT-V-3 drives and rains independently. For use on large green areas and sports facilities. After opening the water tap, the RollcarT-V-3 pulls itself over the area to be watered on the previously laid nylon rope. The speed is infinitely variable from 10 - 20 m/hour. At the end of the area, the RollcarT-V automatically turns off the water and stops the irrigation. The water-carrying hose with a diameter of 1 inch and a length of at least 60 metres (for sports facilities) is pulled behind. The hose is not included in the scope of delivery. Specifications: Irrigation width 33-40 m Maximum irrigation length 120 m Speed 10 - 20 m/h Maintenance-free enclosed gearbox Variable water quantity Uniform irrigation Dimensions 75 x 75 x 80 cm Weight 27 kg


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Robust metal construction for max. 100 m tube 1 in layers rolled. plastic coated black-red. Water supply and connection to the reel 1-brass coupling. Reel width 390 mm with water flow. 2 plastic wheels with pneumatic tires. Empty weight: kg 24th Weight with 100 m hose 1: kg 69th

Plifix grass implant

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The Plifix grass implant is a proven aid for permanent sports field marking. Product features: Synthetic grass implant Easy to use due to screw mechanism Available colors: white / red / blue / yellow Price per piece

Multi Top, table display

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For 14 different sports (eg basketball, volleyball, handball). 5 different languages. Character height 9 cm, 35 m Visibility, dimensions (W x H x D): 733 x 368 x 115 mm. Weight 6 kg.

MSA 50 indoor multisport display

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For mobile use as a desktop unit or as a stand optional display to the chassis. With integrated control panel for nine preprogrammed sports, badminton, basketball, boxing, handball, judo, karate, wrestling, table tennis and volleyball.

floor pan

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Floor pan module to sports equipment cabinet 5580, bright Innemaß (H x W x T) 49 x 1186 x 446 mm, removable from galvanized sheet steel, for cleaning.

Tray with club holder

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The tray with integral leg retainer is positioned on the longitudinal beams and is vertically and horizontally adjustable individually. To module sports equipment cabinet 5580th


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Value box lockable to module sports equipment cabinet 5580, positioned on longitudinal beams, vertical and horizontal individually adjustable.

cable holder

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For equipment cabinet module 5580. The cable holder is vertically and horizontally positioned by means of side traverse.

Ball shelf (steel pipe)

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Ball shelf for school, kindergarten or club. Consisting of two tubular steel straps with welded steel flat plates, which are each provided with 6 holes. Between the tubular supports two galvanized steel pipes are screwed per flat steel strap. Depending on the size of the ball to overlapping distance of the pairs of pipes is determined.

Shelf trolley aluminum

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Mobile, vollverschweisster aluminum equipment cabinet with 3 shelves made of aluminum wire mesh, rust-resistant, aluminum sliding doors, with rotary pressure Zxlinderschloss including 2 keys. Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 cm x 160 cm x cm 65th Delivery in assembled state.

Rack trolley (Galvanized steel)

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Of galvanized steel with a lockable door, incl. Castle, and 3 vertically adjustable, galvanized insert-grid floors, mobile means 4 castors. Top circumferential rail. Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 cm x 150 cm x cm 60th Delivery in assembled state.

Rack Trolley (steel, Painted)

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Painted, both sliding doors lockable, incl. Cylinder lock. 3 pieces adjustable wooden shelves, movable by means of castors 4, the above continuous rail for e.g. Pezzibälle. Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 x 150 x 60 cm. Delivery in assembled state.

Trolley (Galvanized steel)

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Galvanized. Steel structure lined with mesh 50 x 50 x 4 mm. Double-hinged door, hinged rotatably on the side rails 270 ° abschließba by padlock.