Equipment Cabinet Type 1 Steel Sheet Wing Doors
Equipment Cabinet Type 1 Steel Sheet Wing Doors

Equipment cabinet type 1 steel sheet wing doors

Benz sports equipment enclosure type 1, sheet steel wing doors

The original - in BENZ-equipment cabinet type 1.
Details: p>

double doors made of solid steel sheet with security lock body Color gray, door color choice of 6 colors External dimensions 195 x 120 x 50 cm (H x W x D) 90 kg UL>
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Universal Ball Cabinet / equipment cabinet: strong> double doors with security lock Including lockable, mounted in the cabinet, security locker suspension for gymnastics tires up to 8cm Ø diameter Optimal appropriate storage for small / & handsets UL> door color choice of 6 colors: strong> yellow orange (RAL 2) ruby (RAL33) Lichtblau (RAL512) gentian blue (RAL51) light gray (RAL 735) (standard color) Black gray (RAL721) UL>
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90 kg
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