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Soft shell harder core. With the triangular field-template it is easy aufzustellen.Bahn the 10 pins really free for the two bowling balls. Three finger holes in each ball to give a firm grip and help to control the direction of the balls.

Rubberflex grave ball, set of 6, Ø 10 cm

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These balls can cast because of their unique structure in different ways, rolled and caught. They are dimensionally stable, soft, flexible and infinitely durable, making it ideal for children of all ages. 6-piece set, yellow, red, blue, purple, green and orange.

PopUp Giant Flying Disc Galaxy

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PopUp giant flying disce Galaxy A giant flying disc made of nylon - perfect for traveling - just a few steps stored in a resealable carry net. Including header card and seat belt. Color: black Diameter: 60 cm

Disc Golf Target

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Disc Golf is played on the same principle as golf. The dropping of the disc is played at a predetermined position. All other litters direction Disc Target done from the point at which the disc has come to rest. The aim is to hit the target with as few throws.

Crossboccia PRO 4 x 3

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4 x 3 game balls made of polyesters having different sizes, diameter 8 cm, filled with plastic granules, 115 g per ball, with labels for labeling, 1 target ball, and reclosable mesh bag with drawstrings, incl. Regulations. Official tournament registration.

Bowls (Set)

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8 plastic balls Ø 80 mm, 4 different colors and 2 target spheres in a plastic carrying case.

Disc Boccia Set

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Consisting of: 8 slices (2 each in red, blue, green, yellow), diameter 9 cm and one setting disc. It is played according to the rules of bocce

Ring Toss Game

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Ring throwing game consisting of 5-throw rope rings target litter frame made of wood, separable, with printed scores.

Mono-Fling Set

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Fang network game with 2 Mono-Fling networks and 2 game balls (diameter 7.5 cm), Weight g 340, respectively, network size 30.5 x 25 cm. Individual or group match for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Motion as KiwiDo, especially for children, complete with a short tail of stable kite fabric, the clattering draws his lines in the air. Color on the stock.

Six-color cubes

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The sides of the foam cube (red, yellow, blue) in the three primary colors and the three secondary colors (green, orange, purple) colored. Color yellow.


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Catch and Knubbel ball 6 side knobs, thereby continuously changing directions during the impact. Uncontrollable changes in direction train the eye-hand coordination for a quick game for children and adults.

world ball

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Giant ball made of PVC with printed continents. Is very often used at sporting events, game variations for a group are very versatile. Also in physiotherapy in the world with a smaller diameter ball very well be employed.

Original Frisbee Frisbee Ultimate Wham-o

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Original Frisbee competition disc, Wham-o The original - excellent flight characteristics due to large diameter and high weight The non-slip, optimized surface enables precise flight in all wind conditions. Official throwing disc for the team sport Ultimate Frisbee. Details: color red Ø approx. 27cm weight 175g Including handle Areas of application: Suitable for training, schools and clubs

Diabolo Kids Set

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Perfect diabolo set for kids or as "Giant Yoyo" in bright colors. Product features: Diameter: 8.2 cm width: 9,3 cm Diabolo with matching sticks Incl. booklet with tips and tricks Juggling fun for young and old Colors according to stock

Tumble ball

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Due to the flexible and open structure of the tumble ball, this is optimally suited to playfully promote and train motor skills.Details: For didactic games or exercises to improve motor skills Made of PE with neoprene cover Ø 19,5 cm

Mini soft cube 76 mm

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The Mini soft cubes are a great alternative to balls for juggling. The cubes are also great fun for a variety of catch and throw games. Details: Edge length 76 mm Elastic foam with PU coating Available in two colours Washable due to the PU skin Perfect for schools, kindergartens and clubs

Tail ball sling stick

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To throw a tail ball even further, the matching sling stick can be used.Details: Dimensions (W x L x H) 12 x 73 x 7 cm Delivery without ball

Scarfball Set of 6

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The scarf balls are ideal for a wide variety of game ideas - whether throwing or as a bounce game, the scarf balls are versatile.Details: Set of 6 in bright colours length 27 cm, ø approx. 5 cm Combination of cotton ball and chiffon cloth Easy to catch thanks to slow flight