Foam Polo Game Set
Foam Polo Game Set

Foam polo game set

This polo game is similar to field hockey, only difference between these games is that the polo set is equipped with large, soft and rounded sticks.

  • Stick lengths: Junior 48 cm, Senior 79 cm
  • Length of clubface: Junior 30 cm, Senior 30,5 cm
  • Ø of the hitting surface: Junior 11 cm, Senior 11 cm
  • Hitting surface and ball made of covered PU-foam

  • Set contents:
    • 12 x polo sticks (6 each blue and yellow)
    • 2x match ball Ø 15 cm
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With this foam polo game set no limits are set to the playful creativity. The rules of the game are based on indoor field hockey. The closed foam sticks with elephant skin coating ensure injury-free play. The set is available in two different sizes. Depending on the age group, children/youth play with junior sticks (78 cm length) or with senior sticks (109.50 cm length.) The soft game ball can be easily hit or even thrown into the air.
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