Bassalo Starter Set
Bassalo Starter Set

Bassalo cup ball starter set

With the Bassalo starter set, motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity are trained in a playful way. Bassalo is not only mega fun for children and young people, but you can also use this throwing and catching game to actively organise school breaks and leisure time.

. Details:
  • 2 x catching cups (L x Ø) 25 x 7 cm
  • 1 x red ball ø 4 cm
  • 1 x storage lid
  • 1 x game instructions
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Bassalo is a catching game in which you throw and catch small red balls with cups. The game promises guaranteed competitive action and lots of fun. Unique throwing techniques can be performed with the 25 cm high catching cups. The lower part of the cups is roughened for a better grip. The conical shape of the cups ensures a soft spin landing. During play, the ball must not touch the ground. The cue balls can also be played in strong winds and float on the water.
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