Seat Cushion Ø 33 Cm
Seat Cushion Ø 33 Cm

Seat cushion Ø 33 cm

This versatile cushion provides soft comfort while sitting in class or doing mindfulness, or yoga exercises. It improves posture, takes pressure off the knees, and is also an ideal tool for children who fidget in class. The soft, stretchy fabric and the filling of small styrofoam balls adapt perfectly to any body shape.


  • Cover material Lycra
  • Available in blue or green
  • Filling with small styrofoam balls
  • Diameter 33 cm
  • Weigth 250 g
  • Maximum load100 kg
  • Hand wash with subsequent air drying

Range of application:

  • Yoga, Meditation
  • For hyperactive school children
  • Comfortable seat cushion for home
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