Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850
Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850

Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850

Young children love the velvety surface of the Sport balls. They are the perfect balls for any child aged 1-6 and encourage early catching and throwing as well as hand-eye coordination. The set includes 6 different sports balls in 6 different colours - tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball.

  • 6 balls in bright colours.
  • Tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball.
  • Soft surface thanks to fantastic material
  • For exploring and encouraging motor skills and sense of touch
  • Made from natural rubber foam and can be kneaded
  • Ø 10 cm
  • Weight 95 g per ball
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The didactic therapy and play set is modelled on well-known sports balls such as tennis balls, rugby balls, football balls, basketball balls, golf balls and baseball balls, and its velvety surface encourages children to try out their tactile senses and reduce stress. The kneadable natural rubber foam bounces slightly on impact. Especially for toddlers aged 1-6, hours can be spent playing with the motor activity balls, learning about their sense of touch and motor skills in a playful way. Due to their nature, the motor activity balls can also be used for therapy purposes, relaxation and stress reduction. Thanks to the flocked surface, the balls are comfortable to hold.
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