Hexagonal dumbbell

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The compact hexagonal dumbbell provides a versatile fitness workout with its numerous weight levels. Details: Steel core with 1 cm thick rubber coating 2.5 kg increments Hex shape prevents the dumbbell from rolling away Price per piece

Sensa®vario Board

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The Sensa®vario Board made of 100% PU with a sandwich core is an innovative training tool for promoting health through conscious movement.Deatils: Dimensions (W x L) 60 x 90 cm Maximum load 200 kg Made of 100% PU with sandwitch core Perfect for therapy and fitness training

Battle Rope Training Set

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The Battle Rope training set is the perfect combination for roping training in which upper body strength and endurance are trained. The training rope is simply tied to the anchor and the training can start.Details: 1x Battlerope: length 10 m, Ø 5 cm 1x floor anchor Without attachment material

Adjustable dumbbell 5 - 40 kg

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Adjustable dumbbell 5 - 40 kg, including storage tray. The adjustable dumbbell replaces a complete set of dumbbells and thus saves a lot of space. By turning the side dials, different weight plates can be selected precisely and quickly. The weight plates that are not selected remain safely stored in the tray. Adjustable weights: 5 kg - 7 kg - 9 kg - 11 kg - 13 kg - 15 kg - 18 kg - 20 kg - 22 kg - 25 kg - 27 kg - 29 kg - 32 kg - 34 kg - 36 kg - 38 kg - 40 kg. Price per piece! Delivery carriage forward ex works!

Weight chains

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These weight chains are a perfect accessory for progressive weight training.Details: Supplied as a pair Weight per pair: 16 kg = 2x 8 kg / 24 kg = 2x 12 kg 50 cm diameter Easy to attach to the barbell rod due to locking ring with rotary lever Chain length 150 cm Material: galvanised steel

Cube Coaster

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With the Cube coaster, you can expand your Cube Parkour. Quickly and easily, the coaster can be integrated into the parkour and further Cupe gymnastics equipment can be added.Details: Pedestal as an elevation by 22 cm Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 79 x 22 cm Ideal addition to increase the training level

Mobile bar spar

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The mobile parallel bars from the "Simone Biles series" are used to prepare for the uneven bars and to practise turns and handstands. It is also the ideal training tool for exercises at home. Details: Dimensions (L x W): 111 x 24.5 cm

Training Battle Rope

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Battle ropes enable an effective, efficient and, above all, joint-friendly workout and are therefore perfect for professional strength endurance and muscle-building training.Details: Heavy version in two lengths 5 cm Material: plastic fibres

Cube Sports basic set

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With the Cube Sports basic set, you can put together your own individual training course using a modular system. This set can also be used to playfully improve basic motor skills and balance in physical education classes or club sports. Produced according to DIN 913 from multiplex birch wood, the gymnastic equipment can be securely fastened by a spring-bolt system. Contents of set: 1 Cube large (125x125x200 cm, approx. 183 kg) 1 Cube small (125x125x160 cm, approx. 168 kg) 1 Wall large (150x75x100 cm, approx. 115 kg) 1 inclined wall large (200x100x15 cm, approx. 33 kg) 1 wall bar suspension (200x95x8 cm, approx. 38 kg) 1 padded cover (154x54x9 cm, approx. 14 kg) 1 trivet for wall (150x79x22 cm, approx. 18 kg) 1 beam (210x10x10 cm, approx. 8 kg) 1 beam (310x10x10 cm, approx. 12 kg) 2 steel bar (ø 4.24 cm, 250 cm, approx. 8.5 kg) Delivery is carriage forward ex manufacturer's works.

Battle Rope

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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for special cardio and strength endurance training. The wave movements strengthen the torso muscles in a targeted way. Details: 15 m length Ø 3,8 cm

Weight plate stand with bar holder

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The ideal storage for weight plates and bars with 50 mm intake for home or gym. Details: For weight plates and bars with 50 mm intake 6 pick-up rods with 20 cm length 2 vertical storage devices for dumbbell bars Steel frame with 5 x 5 cm profile footprint (L x W x H) 52 x 59 x 103 cm Load capacity up to 350 kg

Schildkröt weight cuffs 2 kg

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The Schildkröt weight cuffs are perfect for cardio and endurance training and provide new training stimuli. They are attached to the wrists and ankles by means of width-adjustable Velcro fasteners and are individually adjustable in size. Thanks to the soft coating, the weight cuffs are comfortable to wear. The two 2.0 kg weight cuffs have a nylon lycra sheath with metal granulate/sand filling. Supplied in a practical, resealable carry bag, including training tips.

movisensa® orbit

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With the movisensa® orbit, deep-lying holding muscles in the arms and the sensorimotor system are specifically trained.Details: Activates the local musculature Available in two sizes Made of 100% plastic ABS with internal steel ball

ARTZT vitality Battle Rope

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The ARTZT vitality Battle Rope scores with the best workmanship and enormous durability. Due to the special braiding, the training rope has excellent swing properties and shape retention. Even wind and weather cannot harm it much. The ergonomic handles provide a perfect grip during ropetraining, even during the most intensive training sessions. The 8 kg weight provides a moderate load during rope training and is thus ideal for popular sports and therapy. Specifications: UV-resistant, solvent-free and waterproof. Special braid made of synthetic fibers with sewn abrasion protection. Length 12 m Diameter approx. 2.5 cm Application area: Crosstraining Therapy Leisure sports

Rubberband XL teKstil

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The Dittmann Rubberband XL teKstil is a space-saving and ideal training tool for on the go. The closed ring connection allows for a variety of short, progressive pulling exercises. Cutting into the skin is avoided as the ring bands are 6 cm wide. Unwanted twisting of the bands is prevented by the thickness of 2 mm and the width of 6 cm. The Rubberband teKstil is washable up to 60 degrees. The maximum expansion is 200%. Material: 45% latex, 30% polyester, 25% nylon. Dimensions (W x L) 6 cm x 32 cm, material thickness 2 mm.

Superband, Jumbo Rubber

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The Dittmann Superband, Jumbo Rubber training bands made of natural rubber latex are high-quality, professional bands that enable a variety of strengthening and stabilising exercises due to their length. For example, they can be used for squats to increase the training load or for pull-ups to make the exercise easier. All bands with different tensile forces are 104 cm long and 4.5 mm thick and vary only in width.

XXL Rubberband

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The XXL Rubberband is a closed training band made of natural rubber latex in professional quality with progressive traction resistance. It allows a variety of short pulling exercises. The bands are used in many exercises to strengthen arm and leg muscles. The use in therapy and rehabilitation allows a dosed application. The band is available in different colours, material thicknesses and tensile forces. (w x l) 5 x 56 cm. colourTraction strengthw x lMaterial thicknessyellowleight5 x 56 cm0.4 mmgreenmiddle5 x 56 cm0.6 mmblueextra strong5 x 56 cm1.0 mmblackextra-extra strong5 x 56 cm1.2 mm

XL Rubberband

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The XL Rubberband is a closed training band made of natural rubber latex in professional quality with progressive traction resistance. It allows a variety of short pulling exercises. The bands are used in many exercises to strengthen arm and leg muscles. The use in therapy and rehabilitation allows a dosed application. The band is available in different colours, material thicknesses and tensile forces. (w x l) 5 x 27.5 cm.

Plyo Soft Box Set of 3

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Easily get started with plyometric training or cross fitness with the Plyo Soft Box 3-piece set. The different heights allow you to customize and intensify your workout. Easily stackable with velcro connections and anti-slip base on the bottom of the boxes. The vinyl covers of the plyo boxes are easy to clean. Construction of the Plyo Soft Box Set of 3 - 1 x Plyo Soft Box blue (H x W x L) 30 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box red (H x W x L) 45 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box black (H x W x L) 60 x 73 x 90 cm

Strength training panels (set)

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8 plates for the fitness center in the A2 format (59.4 x 42 cm), 4-color. On each panel, the most important exercises for one or more muscle groups are represented and the correct practice routine described. An eye-catcher for your studio.


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Flowin Friction Training - is a training concept, which is the interplay of two underlying components: gravitational force and friction. By your own body weight in conjunction with a training base and specially designed pads for hands, knees and feet, these fitness innovation offers a revolutionary total body workout.

BENZ gymnastics sandbag

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Excellent training tool for a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles and to promote flexibility. Case made of PVC coated nylon fabric with a PVC liner and leather handles without silica sand filling.

Weight Vest Power Systems

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For fitness training in all sports, fits all body sizes. Obesity can by individual weight bag (about 1 kg), up to max. Be tuned for each training section 10 kg total weight.


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Original Deuserband elastic for gymnastic exercises and strengthen the muscles, including detailed exercise prospectus. Peripheral m 2, 2.9 cm wide, 0.3 mm thick.

Kettlebell Rack

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Kettlebell rack with 2 levels. With max. 500 kg loadable rack in modern oval tube design. Rubberized feet make it absolutely slip- and tilt-proof. With rubberized protective support. Dimensions: 120 76 cm wide, cm high, 45 cm deep. Shelf width: cm 25th

Lifting Floor

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Competition 4 x 4 m, about 9 cm thick, 4 pieces inserted rubber sheets, each 100 x 75 x 3 cm. Multi-layered structure made of laminated wood panels. The plant is dismantled and can also be used for events. All-round wooden frame. Without mounting.


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For more than 20 different exercises to increase endurance and shaping, firming of the abdomen, thighs, back, hips, chest and arms. Ideal opportunity for a posture correction without training expenses as of the 8 years. Color on the stock.