Schwungtau : Artikel-Nr.42440
Schwungtau : Artikel-Nr.42440
Schwungtau : Artikel-Nr.42440 Schwungtau : Artikel-Nr.42440


15 m long, 30 mm diameter. This short rope length is particularly suitable for beginners and less trained athletes. Pure polyester rope for extra smooth and fast waves. Very abrasion resistant. Cable ends covered with heat shrinkable tube, thereby no fraying. Fixing the Schwungtaus on the ground can be realized by kettlebells.
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Footprint half of the pitch - that is 7.5 m plus motion. Innovative cardio workout with a fixed rope in the middle. The trainee takes each of the two cable ends in one hand, the rope brings to light tension and begin to move rhythmically to produce it by waves. This is a very challenging total body workout. Before long, you can feel the intensity of this exercise. Stamina, heart and circulation as well as the overall upper body, core muscles and legs are trained.

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