Crossfit Tower
Crossfit Tower

crossfit Tower

As a multifunctional training device, the Crossfitness Tower allows a variety of full-body workouts and typical training exercises from Crossfitness. Made of powder-coated steel profiles 76 x 76 mm, weight: 600 kg

Installation dimensions (L x W x H) 406 x 377 x 252 cm
€7,107.00 (tax incl.) €5,972.27 (tax excl.)
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The Crossfitness Tower is a multifunctional training device with different training stations. It combines the possibility of typical Crossfit exercises with classic basic exercises. The open design gives the athlete maximum freedom of movement for countless full-body workouts. The frame parts are made of powder-coated steel profiles 76 x 76 mm. A minimum height of 366 cm is required due to rungs and rings. Bars, discs, balls, kettlebells not included.

Accessories: 2 rings Sandbag Sandbag holder ball trampoline 2 eyelets for ropes 2 disc holder T-bar device safety trays barbell rests monkey bar insert Shelf for kettlebells medicine ball platform adjustable dip station Shelf for medicine balls Double pull-up bar Adjustable jumping platform Multi pull-up device Rung framework for flying pull-up Vertical bar holder for 2 bars 2 fixtures for resistance bands Maximum height due to rung and ring device 366 cm. Not included: Bars, discs, balls, kettlebells.
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377 cm
252 cm
406 cm
600 kg
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