Actiroll Wave
Actiroll Wave
Actiroll Wave Actiroll Wave Actiroll Wave

Actiroll Wave

The Actiroll is used in the field of fascia fitness, in training and therapy


Technical data:
Size M:
Dimensions = approx. 30 cm length, ca.11,5 cm Ø
Profile depth: approx. 0,5 cm
Weight: approx. 0,9 kg

Size L:
Dimensions = approx. 53 cm length; approx. 23 cm Ø
Profile depth: approx. 0,7 cm
Weight: approx. 3 kg

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With the included hand pump, the Actiroll can be easily and continuously adjusted to different degrees of hardness. The new air-filled and at the same time hard roll - made in Germany, which is used as a regeneration tool in self-massage and relaxation.

Actiroll is perfect to achieve new progressions in the application and to work with different people and requirements. Due to the wave structure, the massage effect is more gentle and uniform. During the massage using your own body weight, especially adhesions and tensions can be released. The blood circulation of the whole body can thus be promoted.

  • For fascia fitness, training and therapy
  • Solves adhesions and hardening of the connective tissue
  • Special surface for a deeper massage effect
  • Easy to clean after use

The material - hardened ruton - is robust and easy to clean,skin-friendly, odorless and 100% recyclable. Load capacity: approx. 200 kg. Supplied in polybag incl. exercise poster and pump.

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12 cm
30 cm
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