Battle Rope
Battle Rope
Battle Rope Battle Rope Battle Rope Battle Rope

Battle rope

The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for a special cardio workout. Especially for beginners, the short rope lengths promise an increase in coordination, strength and endurance. Very soft and fast undulations can be created with the polyester rope. The rope is abrasion-resistant and covered with shrink tubes at the ends. This prevents the rope from fraying. Fixation of the swing can be realised by kettlebells on the floor.
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The Battle Rope trains endurance, strength and coordination. For training, the middle of the rope is fixed e.g. to posts or with heavy weights. The trainee takes each of the two ends of the rope in one hand and applies a slight tension to the rope. Now the Battle Rope is swung rhythmically in wave movements. The length of the rope determines the intensity of your training, which is why shorter ropes are perfect for beginners. Depending on your ability, you can perform your exercises at different speeds and lengths.
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