PRIMEDIC HeartSave 6 Defibrillator
PRIMEDIC HeartSave 6 Defibrillator

PRIMEDIC HeartSave 6 Defibrillator

PRIMEDIC HeartSave defibrillator 6 incl. 1 pair SavePads PRECONNECT AED, 1 SaveCard, 1 ECG viewer, 1 patient monitoring cable III, 1 ECG electrodes
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With the HeartSave 6 you have a comprehensive basic emergency monitoring by you with a 6-lead ECG is available. After switching on the HeartSave 6 is in automatic mode, which can be switched as needed by pressing a button in manual operation. If a QRS complex is to be detected in the manual mode, the sync marker on the R-wave are automatically assigned, and the cardioversion is thus made possible. The energy levels for adults are in manual mode selectable between: select 50 J, 100 J, 200 J, 300 J and 360 J in children can vary between 20 J, 40 J, 60 J, 80 J and 100 J. The supplied 4-pole ECG patient cable allows cost-effective patient monitoring. maximum flexibility is achieved by simply reposition.
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