High Jump-type Mats M
High Jump-type Mats M
High Jump-type Mats M High Jump-type Mats M High Jump-type Mats M

High jump-type mats M

On the large solid foam blocks, a 10 cm thick foam pad. This, also called Schleiß- or Spike mat main blocks protects against the spike nails and can be inexpensively replaced after prolonged use.
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The coating is made of PVC tarpaulin material with tear-proof Trevira fabric insert. In order not to damage while jumping with spikes the coating is used as a cover PVC sheathed mesh, the absolute spike firmly is the best material on the market, as the fabric threads can avoid the penetration of the spikes and thus will not be punctured. This lid is in dome shape over the entire high jump hill, including the underneath 10 cm thick mat, drawn and connected by means of a round rotating weather-resistant special closure with the lower shell. The systems comply with the latest competition rules and meet all requirements, from beginners to elite athletes meet. we look at one of these orders variant products as request. We sit down with regard to the delivery charges and delivery dates with you.
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