Mini-Tramp 112
Mini-Tramp 112
Mini-Tramp 112 Mini-Tramp 112 Mini-Tramp 112

Mini-Tramp 112

The Euro Tramp rebounder is made in-house Euro Tramp since 1960 and has been further developed over again over the years. In general, it is used as an angle standing bounce trampoline. it finds versatile use in schools, therapy and rehabilitation.
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Frame of round pipe, special steel galvanized, adjustable in inclination and height. A jumping mat, especially for school children, from Ganzperlon provides a heightened sense of security. Shock-absorbing, stable frame pads full coverage. Frame size 112 x 112 cm, 60 cm x 60 jumping sheet, held by 4 rubber cables. Weight 23 kg. Charging and storage dimensions Minitramp 112: 120 x 117 x 10 cm (cardboard).
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