BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer MICRO
BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer MICRO
BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer MICRO BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer MICRO BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer MICRO

BENZ Flic-Flac Trainer

The BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer is the indispensable support for any ambitious training session with rollovers. Thanks to its balanced ratio of size, weight and volumetric weight, it can be used for a wide variety of types of assistance in school and club sports without the need for additional athletes. The surface consists of particularly easy-to-clean PVC surface.


  • Cover: PVC tarpaulin with 680g/m²
  • Colour: blue
  • Core: PU soft foam


  • Flick-Flack Trainer MICRO: < 110 cm
  • Flick-Flack Trainer MINI: 110 - 130 cm
  • Flick-Flack Trainer MEDI: 130 - 150 cm
  • Flick-Flack Trainer MAXI: > 150 cm


  • Schools
  • Sport Clubs
  • Traninig
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The perfect helper for training

The BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer is the perfect support and helper for training a flick-flack. Normally you need two helpers for the training, standing on the right and left. This is now replaced by the BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer, so that the training can now also be carried out alone. Due to its low weight, it can also be transported by just one person. Whether it's school lessons, club sports or just for anyone who wants to practice a handstand rollover: the BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer can be used anywhere.

The flick-flack, or handstand rollover, is an important part of floor exercises, gymnastics, cheerleading, acrobatics, and modern dance styles like breakdance. When done correctly, it always looks impressive, but the training requires a lot of body control, speed and willpower, as you jump backwards onto your hands and then roll over. The BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer helps with this, as you let yourself fall against it. Thanks to its elliptical shape, the rollover is child's play, with little momentum and without the risk of tipping over to the right or left. This helps to get a feel for the movement and rollover. In addition, the BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer is dimensionally stable and soft at the same time, so that even beginners can train not only easily, but also without fear. The risk of injury is minimized.

The BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer is available in 4 different sizes, so children under 1.10 m tall can start training. For all those who want to practice the flick-flack later and only when they are over 1.50 m tall, there is the “MAXI” size. The size can be varied with the help of gymnastics mats and more precisely adapted to the height of the person exercising: If the person exercising is a little smaller, you can place a mat in front of the trainer so that the starting point is higher. Conversely, you can place the trainer on a mat so that it is higher overall.

Practical and durable

The surface of the BENZ Flick-Flack Trainer consists of a PVC tarpaulin and is therefore easy to clean and at the same time very hard-wearing. Inside there is a PU soft foam core, which makes it dimensionally stable and soft at the same time, so that you cannot injure yourself during correct training. It is intended for indoor use.
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