Handstand Exercise Bars
Handstand Exercise Bars

BENZ Handstand exercise bar

With the BENZ handstand exercise bar you have the perfect accessory for training handstands.

  • Versions: rigid / continuously adjustable in width (up to max. 41 cm).
  • Height 21 / 41 cm
  • Ash bar 100 cm long
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This BENZ exercise bar is used for preparation and fearless learning of the handstand exercise on the parallel bars. Due to its low height, it offers optimal conditions for training with children and young people. The handstand exercise bar is equipped with the same bars as our BENZ classic bar. You need different exercise heights depending on the level of difficulty: Beginners train with a height of 21 cm, advanced with a height of 41 cm. The BENZ handstand exercise bar is available in a rigid or width-adjustable version. To adjust the width, the bars must be pushed against each other. The bar is thus variably adjustable up to a maximum width of 41 cm.

Rigid version:
  • Bar height: 21 cm
  • Bar length: 100 cm
  • Bar width: 50 cm

Width-adjustable version:
  • >li> Bar height: 21 / 41 cm
  • Bar length: 100 cm
  • Bar width: variable up to max. 41 cm
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