Mobile Pollopas film mirror
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Specially developed for use in the fields of physiotherapy, ballet, dance sports and school sports. Pollopas is a plastic mirror and only weighs a fraction of mirror glass, because no glass is used but the highest quality polyester film with a aluminum frame is tensioned.
Super lightweight mirror
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Wrap-around of non-visible aluminum frame with recesses for fitting, covered with diamond film. The film has the same properties as glass mirror, is completely free of distortion, while absolutely unbreakable. The low weight (2.2 kg per square meter) the dish can be very easy to install. Mirror thickness 20 mm.
correction mirror
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Crystal glass mirror surface. Frameless and wheeled, by means of 4 rollers. Full mirror surface to the outer edge. With the connection set 18061 a complete pair and connect several levels is possible. By stable rear wall reinforcement profiles made of aluminum, the mirror is very rigid.
Connection set
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Connection set for BENZ correction mirror 18,060th For frameless joining of two mirrors.