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Football gates
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2 Football gates, partly welded, delivery in 4 single profiles. Foot and crossbar mm from an aluminum 120 x 100 with 80 cm long ground sockets, for foundation (H x W) x 900 mm 800th Crossbar 564 cm long, 305 cm side bars 915 above ground cm high, Ø 55 mm. Ex works, without bodywork.
Wilson GST Composite Football Youth
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Wilson GST Composite Football Youth, Gr. 7, 28 cm approx Ø 16.5 cm, non-slip surface material Composite leather with Butylgummiblase, for young people 13 to 15 years
Soft Foam Football
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For play, leisure and training purposes. Surface washable, can be disinfected, hygienic, highly durable, high abrasion resistance, never loses air.
Flag Football
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can be composed fixed black Velcro belt 113cm long, at the 2 flags, 41cm long and 5cm wide peeled off again. The contactless version of American football. An essential difference is that instead of a physical Tackling the defense stops the ball carrier by pulling it a strip (flag) from the belt.
BENZ school package
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The BENZ school package is equipped with super balls for ball sports, basketball, handball, football, soccer, volleyball and the popular multi balls for all-round use. Incl. BENZ ball bag for keeping balls.
Benz neoprene Football
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The Benz neoprene Football is due to its water-resistant surface for a gaming experience on land and in water. The neoprene cover makes Him elastic, soft yet extremely robust.
Football SPARTAN
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Ideal for beginners and advanced. Perfect handling by the soft grip surface. Extremely durable synthetic leather. Size and weight. Ball Size 28 x 27cm. Weight 480 g.