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PRO GYM Kettlebell
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The PRO GYM kettlebell combines particularly ergonomic handling with the classic attributes of a kettlebell. The design protects the back of the hand and the lower arm parts, especially when reaching around during the exercises and the resulting kick back. The PRO GYM kettlebell is available in four weight variants: 4 kg / red 6 kg / blue 8 kg / purple 12 kg / light blue
Dumbbell set cast iron 20 kg
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The dumbbell set, packed in a handy case, is ideal for a workout in your own four walls. The high-quality weight plates made of solid cast iron can be exchanged quickly and easily with the help of the star locks. The dumbbell set consists of the following components: 4 x 2.5 kg discs 4 x 1.25 kg discs 4 x 0.5 kg discs 4 x star locks (0.5 kg each) 2 x dumbbell bars (2.5 kg each) 1 x case
PRO GYM Neoprene dumbbell pair
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Neoprene dumbbell set which includes 2x coated Neopren dummbell with high quality neoprene surface. They are perfect for rehab sports, strength training, yoga and Pilates as well as for courses in the studio and at home. They are ideally suited for professional use in the studio and / or physiotherapy.
PRO GYM neoprene dumbbell Set 16,5 kg
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The PRO GYM neoprene hand dumbbell set consists of one dummbell each of 1kg, 1.5kg, 2.0kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg dumbbells each covered with high quality neoprene. The dumbbells are ideal for rehab, strength training, stretching yoga and Pilates as well as for courses in the studio and at home. They are ideally suited for professional use in the studio and / or physiotherapy. The dumbbell set consists of the following weight levels 1x 1.0 kg, color purple 1x 1.5 kg, color purple 1x 2.0 kg, color blue 1x 3.0 kg, color blue 1x 4.0 kg, color red 1x 5.0 kg, color red
PRO GYM Yogablock Set Violet
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PRO GYM yoga block sets contain two yoga blocks each 15 x 23 x 7.5 cm, and 120 gr. And a belt 3.8 cm x 1.83 m. The different colors purple denote different chakras in yoga, which have different effects. The yoga block sets are available in the following colors: - violet - green
BENZ Fairtrade Football Competition
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BENZ soccerball Fairtrade Competition Gr.5, g 410, FIFA / IMS standard, glued and stitched to the original patented technology. An outstanding ball produced under fair conditions. Age Group: from U 14, A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
BENZ Fairtrade Beach Volleyball Champion Soft
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Volleyball, Fairtrade Champion Soft Touch, Beach Competiton, DVV1, Gr5. Weight:. ± 270 gr range ± 67.0 cm, 100% PU leather with top playability. Suitable for competitions, schools and associations. The soft SOFT-TOUCH-surface provides a very pleasant touch of the ball in the game.
BENZ Fairtrade Volleyball Champion Thermo
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Volleyball, fair trade, Champion thermal, DVV1 Indoor Competition, DVV1, size 5, weight: ± 270 g, Ball size: ± 66.0, 100% PU leather with top playability. Suitable for competitions, schools and associations.
PRO GYM Medicine ball
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Medicine ball made of rubber, 3 kg, very handy, jumping medicine ball made of rubber with hygienically washable surface structure, Including needle valve for setting the bounce.
Basketball Benz Fast Break DBB Composite
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Basketball Benz Fast Break DBB Composite is the perfect basketball inside and at outdoor areas. The non-slip surface made of composite faux leather gives the ball optimum handling. Ideally suited for schools and clubs Available in sizes Gr.7, 12 fields, Dia 23.8 cm, about 620 gr. Gr.6, 12 fields, Dia 23 cm, ca 600 gr
Benz TT bat Outdoor All weather
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Benz table tennis weather bat.The ideal leisure rackets for the outdoor area. Weatherproof, extremely robust, anatomic grip shape. Non-slip grip. The special base structure of the racket is easy to play Available in colors - black red - black white
Universal surface cleaner, TANET Interior, soap-based.
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Universal surface cleaner, TANET Interior, soap-based. 325 ml with spray head. Can be used for washable, smooth, shiny and sealed surfaces made of plastic, lacquer, ceramic and metal as well as wood. Very suitable for all glass and mirror surfaces indoors and outdoors. Do not use on unsealed wood or acrylic glass.
Apesin Multi, anti virus foaming disinfectant cleaner
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Versatile cleaner with a range of applications against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi. Suitable for public institutions such as schools, healthcare, leisure facilities as well as retirement and nursing homes as well as medical practices.
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The set consists of: 4x corner pieces / Hesher-Goals with clamping screws, 4x straps with clip closure as a band, 2x rubber balls with Velourüberzug (table not included)
Teqball game table "Teq Smart"
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Teqball game table "Teq Smart", gray / orange, 300x170x90 cm, dimensions folded 76x170x180 cm, HPL laminate (plate), PMMA acrylic glass (net), steel (base), weight approx. 168 kg, plate thickness 60 mm, with transport wheels
Teqball game table "Teq One"
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Teqball game table "Teq One", orange / gray, 300x170x90 cm, HPL laminate (top), acrylic glass (net), powder-coated steel (base), weight 147 kg, top thickness 60 mm
Teqball game table "Teq Lite"
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Teqball game table "Teq Lite", gray / black, 300x170x90 cm, dimensions folded 76.5x170x184 cm, polyester (plate), polyethylene (net), steel (base), weight 111 kg, plate thickness 60 mm, with transport wheels
Benz hybrid Match 450
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Benz Hybrid's 450, FIFA standard, Gr.5, weighing about 410-450 g, match ball made with 32 panels, 100% polyurethane and hybrid technology. Manufactured by FIFA standard, Division A / B / C Junior, Men and Women
KITUKA - Sport / & Spielmaterialset
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The sports and Spielmaterialset for "KITUKA" is specially equipped by experts selected products. The compilation takes into account the specific requirements for motor skills, coordination and movement in infants and children in pre-school and primary school age.
Mercury football Lite 290
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BENZ MERCURY football Lite 290, red, size 3, 290 g, material: 100% polyurethane. Hybrid technology. 32 panels, glued and stitched for permanent use in training, suitable for any Untergund. Series: Bambinis from 3 years
Volleyball MOLTEN package
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The volleyball package MoltenSet Gr. 5 consists of 4 x Molten Volleyball V5M4800 white / red / green, 1 x Volleyball V5M5000 Molten Flistatec / 1 know / wine red / green, 1 x BENZ Ballsack
Glide Roller Board Protect
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Laminated wood natural finish, multi-glued, with milled handle recesses to protect your hands in collision. Incl. two holes Ø 3 mm, for coupling of a plurality of dollies, with 4 smooth ball-bearing and rubberized castors. Dimensions (L x B) 6 x 35 cm.
Battle rope
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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for a special cardio workout. Especially for beginners, the short rope lengths promise an increase in coordination, strength and endurance. Very soft and fast undulations can be created with the polyester rope. The rope is abrasion-resistant and covered with shrink tubes at the ends. This prevents the rope from fraying. Fixation of the swing can be realised by kettlebells on the floor.
PRO GYM yoga mat 183 x 61 x 0.6 cm
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The PRO GYM yoga mat impresses with its increased TPE content with its high tear resistance and thus ensures a long service life. Due to the improved double-sided texture, the yoga mat is much more slip-resistant and therefore ideal for people who place a high value on slip resistance. Due to the thick material of 0.6 cm, it is particularly gentle on the joints and pleasantly soft. It offers maximum comfort for knees, elbows and hips. The PRO GYM mat can be used for yoga, fitness, pilates and gymnastics. The PRO GYM yoga mat is available in different colors: blue / light blue purple / pink anthracite / red
Basket catcher Game Set
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Basket catcher game set includes 1x basket, green and 1x basket, blue, ten colored balls inkl.Transporttasche and Instructions